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Services Provided

Services Provided

Metered Mail
US outgoing mail leaves the Mail Services at 11:30 am and 3:30 pm

All outgoing mail must have a departmental postage number displayed on each piece in upper left-hand corner with the return address.

Mail without postage numbers will be returned.

Envelope flaps must be down. When mailing flats or brown envelopes, the flaps must be on the long side at the top for the machine to seal them.

Mail Services has a $2.00 handling fee for personal return packages accepted at the window. All RS, Prepaid labels or returned to sender packages must be handed to an available mail center staff member.

Intra-Office Mail

All intra-office mail must have:
•The recipient’s name PRINTED clearly and their physical campus location.
•Also a return address must be placed in the upper left-hand corner.

Please mark off all previous names and departments/offices on envelopes that are being reused so we can identify the correct person and destination of the intra-office piece of mail.

Mail Services also will no longer receive and deliver miscellaneous campus mail distributions from faculty, staff, or organization nor do we manage intercampus mail from office going to students.

If a department or office needs to do a large mailing to students feel free to contact Mail Services to discuss options.

International Mail

Outbound international mail must be kept separate from domestic mail by rubber banding the airmail pieces or using a paper clip.

When addressing international mail, the address must be in English and the country must appear on the bottom line of the address. All international mail should be stamped Par-Avion (AirMail).

Faculty & Staff

The mail center staff is not responsible for forwarding mail for faculty, administrators, or staff that leaves the college, their former department/office is responsible for forwarding all first-class mail and magazines free of charge (unless mail piece has been opened). You cannot forward standard mail or non-profit mail. When forwarding, black-out all barcodes with a permanent black marker. Black-out barcodes on the address side and the orange, fluorescent bar codes are on the back side of the mail piece. The new address label should cover the old address. Do not cover the name, just the address.

Mail Returns

You cannot return mail pieces or packages that have been opened. Unopened items can be endorsed with “Return to Sender”.  If you want to cancel a subscription with the return, write Cancel under the “Return to Sender”.

The mail center does not sell money orders of any type. They can be obtained at the local Post Office.

Postage Due mail will not be collected for the Post Office.

Hours of Operation
Mail Services - Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM (service window closes at 3:30)
All offices are closed on Saturday and Sunday
Scheduled hours may vary during exams, breaks, and holidays.