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Student Mail and Packages

First Year and Returning Students

First Year, Transfers and Returning Students-    

First-Year and Transfer Students will receive a HUB number at their Dickinson email address by the last Friday in July. The email will include important mailing information. Students retain the same HUB number during their time at Dickinson, even while studying abroad.

Returning Students will receive an email with their HUB assignment upon confirmation of their return. If you are returning and have not received your notification, please send an email to 

Students must have their Dickinson College ID when picking up the items at Package Pickup. Due to lack of storage, we recommend you send packages no more than two weeks before the start of a semester.

All First-Class mail and packages arriving on campus with a student and hub number will be processed for the student to pick up. Students receive an email notification once mail and packages are processed. Students receive a second email notification for unclaimed packages after two weeks. Packages must be picked up one week after the second notice, failure to do so will result in packages being returned to the sender.

All letter mail will be returned to sender as unclaimed after thirty consecutive days, 

The Mail Center is not responsible for perishable items. 

  • Perishable items will be held in Package Pick-up no longer than five consecutive days. Refrigeration is not available.  
  • Mail Service is not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen packages left unattended by private carriers.  
  • Unidentified packages – If Mail Services cannot confirm the recipient of a package, it is put aside, if the packages are not claimed by the fall, winter, or spring break they are considered abandoned at this time and are either donated or disposed of.