What is a study group?
Typically study groups are comprised of faculty from more than one academic department. A study group provides a development opportunity for faculty with like-minded interests to explore different perspectives on a topic or concept.  The focus is often an exploratory investigation of a new concept in search of an appropriate curricular home. These typically occur in the summer or in January over the winter break.

What are the priorities for study groups?
Priority will be given to the following types of proposals:

  • new interdisciplinary projects or pedagogical approaches that have major curricular impact
  • exploration of topics or themes that impact the intellectual life of the college    

What criteria are used to grant study group funding?
Topics should focus on innovative, intellectual and scholarly questions, or pedagogic and curricular issues. Study group decisions are made by the R&D Committee using the following criteria. Please include these in your proposal narrative.

  1. Significance: The problem under study must substantially contribute to the participants' development as teachers and/or scholars.
  2. Results: The proposal must identify the expected results, which usually take the form of further scholarship, interdisciplinary curricular innovation or formal grant proposals for new programs.
  3. Track record. R&D considers the applicants' previous history of grant applications should indicate the ability to accomplish what was promised, to use awarded funds prudently, and to file final reports as required in a timely fashion.
  4. The ideal study group size is 5-10 participants, who must commit to full participation for the duration of the project. 

We have prepared this helpful template for your convenience, study group proposal template.

How are study groups supported?
R&D provides expenses for the group's activities including the purchase of books. A search and, when appropriate, application for external funding is the required first step in the process. To begin your search, you may want to consult the Corporate, Foundation and Government Support Office for assistance.  Stipends, when available, are normally based on a maximum of $100/day. Stipends are typically only provided for study groups that involve faculty from multiple departments.

How are other college committees involved in the funding decision?
The appropriate committees or departments may be consulted in understanding the value and relevance to the college of a proposed project.

Special application instructions for just this program:
Your application should include a list of participants and a proposed meeting schedule to which all participants have committed.

To apply, please submit your coversheet/application and your narrative or your completed proposal template.

Please be sure to check for application deadlines.

For instructions on reporting, please visit Expense Reporting and Narrative Reports.  (no special reporting requirements for just this program)