Dickinson in Brazil (São Paulo) 

Giselda Pereira - Resident Director and Contributing Faculty

Giselda Pereira

Giselda holds a Ph.D. in Letters from Mackenzie Presbyterian University. She received her M.A. in Applied Linguistics from the University of São Paulo (USP) and her B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Campinas (UNICAMP). She has administered the Portuguese language exam (CELPE Bras), a certificate of proficiency in Portuguese for Foreigners (PFL), developed and granted by the Brazilian Ministry of Education and Culture. She is the author of "Fala & Ação – Activity Book for Portuguese as a Foreign Language", guide for foreigners and teachers in Brazil.

Giselda has been involved with international higher education since 2002. She worked for Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE-SP) for 15 years as Portuguese language professor and coordinator for Liberal Arts and Business programs. She also has acted as pedagogical coordinator of Adus Institute for Refugees. She has taught “Communication and Expression”, “Sociology”, “Social and Corporate Responsibility” and  “Organizational Behavior” at a technology college in São Paulo. She has been teaching at Fundação Getúlio Vargas (Business Administration College) giving Portuguese language and Brazilian culture classes. Most recently she teaches Portuguese language at CET Academic Programs.

Nowadays Giselda researches on the construction of national identity, and PFL studies as source of culture, currently focusing on the study of Portuguese as a Home Language (PLA), and practices to teach PLA, based on Paulo Freire’s pedagogical - intercultural view. Her other areas of interest are “Second Language Acquisition”, “Lusophony Studies”, and “Cultural Studies”. Giselda lectures on PLF and PLA in conferences at universities throughout Brazil.

In her free time, Giselda enjoys studying Theravada Buddhism, doing yoga, watching movies, playing with her dogs and spending time with friends and her daughter Júlia.


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Dickinson in Cameroon (Yaoundé)

Teku T. Teku – Resident DirectorTeku teku photo web 2


Teku spent one academic year (1998-99) at Dickinson College as the exchange student from the University of Yaoundé I. He also joined the Dickinson in Cameroon program in 1997 as a student assistant, and eventually became Associate to the Program Director in charge of academic trips. In this position, he travelled with many groups of students through the ten regions of Cameroon. His mastery of the villages, towns, people, and cultures of Cameroon caused students to name him the “Mayor of Cameroon’. He later became Resident Director of Dickinson in Cameroon in 2007.Teku holds a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy/Psychology and a post-graduate diploma (Maitrise) in Social Psychology from the University of Yaoundé I, Cameroon. He earned his master’s degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Buea, Cameroon, where he is currently working on his Ph.D. He is a researcher in intercultural communication in international education.

In his free time, Teku enjoys spending time with his family, attending soccer matches, farming in the village, and participating in village development and cultural association meetings. In his culture, the kitchen is not a place for men. However, through his visits to America and interactions with Americans, he has learned there is no gender barrier in cooking. Therefore, he has started spending some of his free time learning how to cook.

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Dickinson in China (Beijing)

Chase Cui – Program CoordinatorChase cui photo web


Chase was born and raised in Beijing and holds a degree in Chinese literature. He got his start in education product development at the prestigious Tsinghua University. At New Oriental Education and Technology, he provided guidance for students interested in studying at universities in the US, UK, and Australia. He has been invited by the University of Vermont, American University, and other universities to consult on American international education.

At Dickinson, Chase is responsible for Dickinson's program in Beijing. His responsibilities include communicating with students and host families, as well as providing academic assistance to students during their stay. More than ten years of experience has given him a new lens through which international students can have a deeper understanding of differences and connections between China and the US. Chase is also keen to help students better cope with their studies and get to know the Chinese culture.

In his free time, Chase enjoys outdoor sports like climbing, motor biking, and photography. If you find a biker taking photos in Beijing's outer suburbs, chances are that person is Chase.

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Dickinson in Ecuador and Argentina (Cuenca and Mendoza)

Eliana Torres – Resident DirectorEliana Torres photo web


Eliana graduated with degrees in Social Communication, Political Science and Public Administration at UNCUYO.  She was recognized for achieving one of the highest possible final grades in her degree of Social Communication. She earned a scholarship to study at Science Po Lille, Institute Study Politic of France. She attended university professor of the Political Science at UNCUYO. She earned a master’s degree in European Integration, Politics and Projects Communitarian at Padua University, Italy. She did an internship in ENGIM, Italian NGO that has projects in Africa and South America to help with local development. She worked for their offices in Roma, Vicenza, in which she looked for funds for their social projects. She worked as a Spanish teacher in a high school just outside of Mendoza, Lavalle. She participated in conferences presenting different research including “The role of AUSA in the Integration subregional Argentina-Chile” at Los Lagos University in Pucon, Chile, and a presentation of the Integration Argentina Chile at Playa Ancha University in Valparaiso, Chile. She is responsible for the program in Argentina.

In her free time, Eliana loves travelling to different countries and learning about their cultures and traditions. She spends her time trekking in the mountains.


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Dickinson in England (Norwich)Toby Reiner 

Toby Reiner– Resident Director and Associate Professor of Political Science 

Toby's research and teaching interests are in contemporary Anglo-American political theory, including ethical aspects of world politics, especially the ethics of war and global distributive justice, public policy, including immigration, citizenship, and minority rights, and in political ideologies, especially liberalism and social democracy.

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Dickinson in France (Toulouse)

Julia Carnine – Academic Director of the Center for Global Study and Engagement; Resident Director Dickinson en France and Contributing Faculty Julia carnine photo web


Julia has been the director of the Dickinson in France program since 2016 and holds a doctorate in Sociology from the University of Toulouse II (2014) based on fieldwork in France, China, and the United States. She is a member of LISST-CERS (CNRS-UMR 5193), COST Action on “Study Abroad Research in European Perspective” (SAREP) research groups with over 18 years of experience in higher education directing international programs in the United States, China, and France. Her research on international comparisons of student mobility is published in peer reviewed journals and books in North America (Sense Publishing), France (Presses Universitaires de France, Editions de Paris Ouest), and China (Journal of Overseas Chinese).

In her free time, Julia enjoys yoga, running, and anything to do with French or Chinese language, culture, and food. She also loves traveling and activities like sailing, canoeing, and hiking. Julia especially loves meeting people from around the world and sharing stories together.

Laura Raynaud – Administrative DirectorLaura raynaud photo web


Laura graduated from Dickinson College in 2001 with a Bachelor of Arts in French and International Business & Management.  She spent her junior year in the Dickinson in France program and returned to Toulouse immediately after graduating.  In 2004, she obtained a Masters’ degree (DESS) in Geopolitics and International Relations from Sciences Po Toulouse.  She has worked for the Dickinson in France program in various capacities since 2001 and is currently the Administrative Director.  In this role, Laura manages the program’s logistics including budgeting, student resources, community service placements, student housing, excursions, and cultural activities.  In the field of study abroad, she is particularly interested in the intersection of intergenerational and intercultural aspects, as well as diversity and underrepresented students.

Laura volunteered for two years in Toulouse’s municipal government as a representative of foreign residents.  She is an active member of the APAUF (Association of American University Programs in France) and served for three years on the administrative board as treasurer.  She is currently an advisory member of the administrative board of the English Department at the Université de Toulouse 2 – Jean Jaurès.

In her free time, Laura listens to political podcasts and enjoys tap dancing and spending time with her family.  She also loves to travel and observe new cultures first-hand.

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Dickinson in Germany: William G. and Elke Durden Bremen Program (Bremen)

Janine Ludwig – Academic Director and ContributingJanine ludwig web Faculty


Janine has studied Contemporary German Literature, Philosophy, and Theater Studies/Cultural Communication in Göttingen, San Diego, Berlin, and received her Ph.D. with summa cum laude from Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. She was Humboldt’s first Academic Representative in New York and Referent to the VP for International Affairs and PR. Since 2009, she has been the Academic Director of the Durden Dickinson Program in Bremen, with an intermittent guest lectureship at Dickinson College in 2013-14. Additionally, she serves as Chair of the Board of the International Heiner Müller Society and Vice Head of the Institute for Cultural German Studies (IfkuD) at the University of Bremen. She organizes the political series “Dickinson College Public Lecture” as well as “The William ’71 and Elke Durden Literary Series at Bremen.”

Dr. Ludwig teaches in the Departments of Cultural and Literary Studies at Uni Bremen: interculturality, German literature and language, and – for seven years – German-American cultural history and relations, including German immigration to North America.

In her free time, Janine enjoys watching soccer, painting oil on canvas, reading and debating.


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Dickinson in Italy: K. Robert Nilsson Center for European Studies (Bologna)

Elena Giulia Dall'Acqua – Program AssociateElena Giulia Dall'Acqua

Elena Giulia holds a Bachelor of Arts in Classics from the University of Macerata, and a Master of Arts in Italian Studies & Language from the University of Bologna.

While earning her Masters degree, she did an internship at the Eastern College Consortium (E.C.Co)- a study abroad program in Bologna offered by Vassar College, Wellesley College, and Wesleyan University. During her internship, she developed a strong interest in international education. In 2019, she took a course in Teaching Italian as a foreign language. 

Upon completing her Master degree, she began working at the Dickinson in Italy Study Abroad Program. Her responsibilites include administrative support, organization of cultural and language exchange opportunities, and social media management.

In her free time, Elena Giulia loves traveling, watercolor painting, going on long walks, and drinking too much coffee.

Ellen Laird – Adminstrative DirectorEllen laird photo web


Ellen earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Italian Studies from Dickinson College, where she spent her junior year studying abroad in Bologna, Italy. After graduation, she returned to Italy and taught English for a few years before she began working for Dickinson’s study abroad program in Bologna. Ellen has been working for Dickinson in Italy for 11 years, and during this time she earned her M.B.A. from the Bologna Business School of the University of Bologna.  She works closely with the Bologna Resident Directors to coordinate and manage the various academic, administrative, and student life aspects of the program.

In her free time, Ellen enjoys spending time with her family and friends, being outdoors, playing soccer, running, and traveling.

Amy Wlodarski – Resident Director: European Studies and Professor of Music 


Amy holds her Ph.D. in musicology from the Eastman School of Music and her BA from Middlebury College. Her scholarship—which deals broadly with the intersections between twentieth-century Jewish music, history, memory, politics, and trauma—is inherently transnational and interdisciplinary, and she brings that same wide scope of inquiry and intellectual curiosity to her teaching. She is the recipient of Dickinson’s Distinguished Teaching Award (2011) and the Ganoe Award for Inspirational Teaching (2015), and her scholarship has received national citations from the American Musicological Society and the Society for American Music. She is the author of Musical Witness and Holocaust Representation (Cambridge, 2015) and George Rochberg, American Composer (Rochester, 2019). Her research—which has taken her to conferences, archives, and institutes throughout Europe—has been generously funded by the Presser Music Foundation, the Fulbright Commission, the National Endowment of the Humanities, Harvard University, and Dickinson College’s generous scholarly project and sabbatical funding. She is currently Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the American Musicological Society.

In her free time, Amy enjoys exploring natural and culinary worlds with her husband and children and attending concerts and museums of all sorts.

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Bruno Grazioli


Bruno Grazioli – Resident Director: Italian Studies and Contributing Faculty

In his position as Resident Director of the Italian Studies Program in Bologna, Italy, Bruno brings a 17-year experience abroad (UK and US), of which 11 as Italian faculty at Smith College, Massachusetts. He also served twice as Academic Director for two study-abroad programs in Florence. He received an MA in Italian Studies from the University of London, and an MA in Pedagogy of Italian Language and Culture form the University Ca' Foscari in Venice. In January 2018 Bruno defended his PhD dissertation at the University of London, which explores the synergy between medievalism and national identity in historical novels of the early 19th century. His teaching and research interests include 19th century Italian culture, 20th century Italian design, and language teaching pedagogy. At Dickinson in Italy, Bruno teaches a Community-Engaged Learning course on social activism in Italy, as part of which students volunteer in local civic organizations.

Hiking, traveling, and all things cultural are some of the activities Bruno enjoys in his spare time.

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Dickinson in Russia (Moscow)

Irina Filippova – Resident DirectorIrina filippova photo web


Irina graduated from the Moscow Teacher Training University. She has been working with Dickinson students since 2001. She first taught Conversational Russian to Dickinson students and helped with the program in Moscow. In 2004 she became the coordinator for the Dickinson in Moscow program. She was also invited to be a visiting instructor for the Russian Department at Dickinson. Her experience working at Dickinson College has helped her to learn about the American education system and American customs. Now as the Resident Director of the Dickinson in Moscow program she combines all of her experiences to make Dickinsonians’ stay in Moscow a rich and unforgettable one.

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Dickinson in New Zealand (Dunedin) 

Amy Witter - Resident Director and Professor of ChemistryAmy Witter photo

Amy is a graduate of Wellesley College where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry.  After graduating, she spent four years working in the Chemistry Department at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution where she learned to scuba dive to collect coral samples and to prepare coral for radiocarbon analyses.  While working, she solidified her love for aquatic chemistry and travel, and decided that it was time to pursue this interest at a deeper level.  She earned her Ph.D. from the University of California at Davis in 1996, and then moved back east to the College of Marine Studies in Lewes, DE for post-doctoral work.  It was during a camping trip to Pine Grove Furnace in PA that she first encountered Dickinson College. 

Amy’s research is in the area of environmental analytical chemistry – which involves identifying and measuring chemicals that people don’t necessarily know are there, or what they are doing in the environment.  She is currently examining chemicals that are not reported on manufacturer’s safety data sheets (MSDS) but may end up in our streams and drinking water anyway.

In her free time, Amy enjoys hiking, knitting, making soap, and spending time with her beloved animals (Max and Chase), as well as her teen daughter, Jocelyn. 

Dickinson in Spain (Málaga)          Elise Bartosik Velez

Elise Bartosik-Vélez – Resident Director and Professor of Spanish & Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Studies

Professor Bartosik-Vélez received her Ph.D. in comparative literature from the University of Illinois. She teaches students about Latin American history and literature, focusing in particular on the colonial period through independence. She also teaches courses that compare British America and Spanish America in the early modern period. Her research interests include: intellectual history, the history of empire, the legacy of the classical world in the Americas, and the economic, political, and cultural entanglements of early modern empires. 

Nedra Sandiford – Administrative Director

Nedra, a graduate of Dickinson College, earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Policy Management. While at Dickinson she spent a semester in Málaga, Spain. Upon graduation she moved to Málaga and worked as an ESL teacher for three years. She moved back to her native New York City to pursue a master’s degree in International Affairs with a concentration in Media and Culture at the New School. Before joining Dickinson, Nedra worked in Marketing and Advertising, both in NYC and in Málaga.Nedra sandiford photo web

As Dickinson in Spain’s Administrative Director, she coordinates the host families and the student-life aspect of study abroad. She also provides administrative support to the Resident Director and collaborates with on-campus CGSE projects.

In her free time, Nedra enjoys practicing a wide range of fitness activities, dancing, and drinking coffee… which she didn’t do before moving to Europe.

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