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Global Education Advisory Committee

GEAC was established in 2010 as an official subcommittee of the College-wide Academic Program and Standards Committee.  Members serve a two-year term.  The committee meets monthly during the academic year.


The Dickinson faculty long has been among the most active and engaged in the nation on matters related to Global Study and Education.  A dynamic group of faculty, with broad expertise and experience (in terms of geographic regions and disciplinary orientation), the GEAC offers counsel and strategic guidance to the Associate Provost and Executive Director of the Center for Global Study and Engagement.  The GEAC's charge includes, inter alia, review of new long-term and short-term program proposals; review and recommendation of faculty candidates for center directorships abroad; advice and feedback on enhancing the International Student experience on campus; review of complex study-abroad applicant files; consultation with study abroad staff regarding non-Dickinson student applications; and consultation on policy considerations related to Global Study at the College.

Roughly seven to eight Dickinson faculty members comprise the Committee, with representation coming from all three divisions of the College and both junior and tenured faculty.  Normally, the membership of the Committee includes at least one faculty representative from each division of the College and at least two faculty members contributing to the study of foreign languages.  Members of the Committee often have served previously as directors or coordinators of one of the College's long- or short-term education abroad programs or have been closely involved with the College's efforts to attract and retain outstanding international students and scholars.  Additionally, the Committee always includes one faculty member presently serving on the APSC.  Likewise, the Committee always includes administrators from the Center for Sustainability Education, Academic Advising and Global Accounting to encourage thoughtful coordination of collective international efforts and activities and prudent leveraging of resources.

2023-2024 Committee Members Include:

  • Samantha Brandauer, Associate Provost and Executive Director, Center for Global Study and Engagement
  • Katie DeGuzman, Dean and Director, Education Abroad, Center for Global Study and Engagement
  • Melodi Hendrickson, Assistant Director, International Student & Scholar Services, Center for Global Study and Engagement
  • Qing Bai, Assistant Professor of International Business & Management 
  • Marcelo Borges, Professor of History
  • Tara Fischer, Associate Provost for Student Success
  • Amity Fox, Associate Provost for Experiential Learning and Fellowships
  • Ellen Gray, Associate Professor of Music 
  • Ellen Laird, Administrative Director, Dickinson in Italy
  • Neil Leary, Director of Center for Sustainability Education
  • Laura Megivern, Interim Executive Director & Director of Community Engagement
  • Siobhan Phillips, Associate Professor of English
  • Amaury Leopoldo Sosa, Assistant Professor of Spanish and Portuguese
  • Kevin Shannon, Director for Global Accounting and Compliance
  • Kristin Strock, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies