In October 2017, President Ensign established the Presidential Working Group on Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct and Title IX.  Our purpose is

  • to evaluate the college’s Sexual Misconduct Policy to be sure it was in compliance with the DeVos Guidance of September 2017;
  • to present policy revisions when the Department of Education released new regulations.

On Thursday, November 29, 2018, the Department of Education released proposed changes to the Title IX regulations, which you may find here: Proposed Notice of Rule Making was published in the Federal Register.  

On December 13, 2018, we held three listening sessions for our community and provided this presentation in order to gather questions and comments from our faculty, staff and students. During the listening sessions, we first provided an overview of Title IX, comparisons between some of the proposed regulations and our current procedures, and most importantly, we heard questions and comments from our community members regarding the proposed regulations. 

In response to the Department of Education’s proposed changes to the Title IX regulations, Dickinson joined with a cohort of 23 peer institutions to prepare a comprehensive response:  Final Joint Response Letter to Department of Education  - January 30, 2019.

We cannot emphasize the importance of community engagement in this process as this will inform our revision to on campus policy, which will occur during spring 2019 semester.  We will keep the community informed and invite feedback throughout the process.


  • Working group will compile comments from the Open Sessions & the Comments to prepare its response
  • We expect the final rules will be published during the spring semester 
  • Working group will prepare a revised policy/procedure in anticipation of final rule implementation on July 1st
  • Provide policy/procedures to ESLC and FPC for review during spring 2019 semester
  • Additional opportunities for community update/feedback throughout spring 2019 semester
  • Final policy/procedure to President Ensign for approval by the end of spring 2019 semester 


Brenda Bretz, vice president of institutional effectiveness & inclusivity


  • Donna Bickford, director of the Women’s and Gender Resource Center and contributing faculty of women's, gender & sexuality studies
  • Maya Cromwell, class of 2020
  • David Crouch, professor of chemistry
  • Delores Danser, assistant vice president of student life and chief of public safety
  • Ian Ramirez Genao, class of 2020
  • John Henson, senior associate provost for academic affairs; Charles A. Dana Professor of Biology
  • Deena Kleinstein, class of 2019
  • Kimberly Masimore, Senior Women’s Administrator in Athletics and head coach for women’s lacrosse
  • Dennette Moul, director human resource services
  • Katie Oliviero, assistant professor of women's, gender & sexuality studies
  • Kylie Shalala, class of 2021

Serving as resources to the committee are:

  • Kat Matic, Title IX coordinator
  • Kendall Isaac, general counsel
  • Stephen Winn, assistant Title IX coordinator