Progress on The Second Charge:

In October 2017, President Ensign established the Presidential Working Group on Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct and Title IX (PWG).  Our charge is limited and focused: 

  • evaluate the college’s Sexual Misconduct Policy to be sure it is in compliance with the 2017 Q&A on Campus Sexual Misconduct Letter from Secretary DeVos;
  • present policy revisions when the Department of Education releases new regulations.

Actions Completed to prepare for the Department of Education revised regulations:

NEXT STEPS re: the anticipated Department of Education revised regulations:

  • PWG will inform the Dickinson community when the Department of Education finalizes the Title IX Regulations.
  • PWG will incorporate, as appropriate, comments from the community gathered in December 2018 to draft a policy/procedure once final regulations are released. 
  • PWG will communicate the draft policy/procedure and seek feedback based on the procedures that will be established in compliance with the Title IX Agreement.   
  • PWG will compile comments from the feedback and incorporate into the final policy/procedure as appropriate.
  • PWG will present final policy/procedure to President Ensign for approval.