Spanish & Portuguese Study Abroad Sunset

Spanish & Portuguese majors often study abroad, and Dickinson offers several programs that provide rich, immersive experiences for majors.

Dickinson in Spain (Málaga)

A comprehensive program that focuses on Spanish language and literature, culture and society and includes internships and courses in economics and international business. Program participants have the opportunity to sample courses offered at the Teatinos campus of the Universidad de Málaga, which has eight schools and institutes and more than 50,000 students. Check out our Dickinson in Málaga Facebook page for the latest photos and news and our Dickinson in Spain videos!

Málaga Summer Immersion

This five-week program allows students to expand their linguistic ability and develop cultural awareness of the Hispanic world. While living in Málaga, students will also acquire an understanding of the history and culture of a Hispanic civilization.

Dickinson in Ecuador and Argentina

This program offers the unique opportunity to live and study in both Argentina and Ecuador. First, students take a course in Cuenca that focuses on Spanish language immersion as well as Ecuadorian and Andean history and culture. Second, students travel to Mendoza, where they take classes to reinforce their Spanish and another to learn about Argentina's culture, history, politics and philosophy. Check out our Dickinson in South America Facebook page and our Dickinson in South America videos!

Dickinson in Brazil (São Paulo)

Students on the Brazil program have the best of all worlds - immersion in Brazilian culture and the Portuguese language, direct enrollment at the University of São Paulo (Universidade de São Paulo, USP) and the support they need to navigate Brazils biggest city and thrive at its most prestigious university. Students do this through the support of on-site staff, a pre-semester, intensive Portuguese course, a homestay experience and a Dickinson core course that helps students grapple with the complexities of Brazil from an interdisciplinary perspective. Dickinson in Brazil is offered in cooperation with CET Academic Programs.