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Dickinson in Ecuador and Argentina

Full Brochure for the Dickinson in Ecuador and Argentina program

The Dickinson in South America program offers students the unique opportunity to live and study in two countries (Ecuador and Argentina) during one semester or the full academic year.

Cuenca, Ecuador

First, students participate in a four-week, intensive course in Cuenca, Ecuador. Cuenca is a UNESCO World Heritage Site situated in a highland river valley in the Andes, and students enroll at CEDEI, a multidimensional educational institution. The course at CEDEI focuses on Spanish language immersion as well as on Ecuadorian and Andean history and culture (this class transfers as SPAN 252/LALC 203).

Mendoza, Argentina

Second, students travel to Mendoza, Argentina, where they take a class to reinforce their Spanish and another to learn about Argentina's culture, history, politics, and philosophy (this class transfers SPAN 362/LALC 204). Furthermore, students directly enroll in courses at the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (UNCuyo). UNCuyo is a prestigious university in Argentina with approximately 40,000 students. Students take classes in the schools of Philosophy and Letters, Political and Social Sciences, Arts and Design, and Economics. Independent multidisciplinary institutes offer classes in environmental sciences, earth sciences, energy, production and labor, basic sciences, etc. 

During both parts of this program, students live with homestay families and have the opportunity to participate in several carefully planned excursions in the regions of Cuenca and Mendoza that supplement the academic curriculum.

Check out some of the fun excursions students went on in Mendoza!

Semesters Offered

Fall Semester
Spring Semester

Full Year

Academic Requirements

3.0 GPA, Spanish 231, successful completion of five semesters of college-level Spanish

Interviews, in Spanish, may be conducted at the discretion of the faculty coordinator at any time in order to review a candidate’s eligibility for this program

Academic Areas of Study

Anthropology, Archaeology, Art & Art History, Dance, Economics, Education, Environmental Studies, Film Studies, History, International Business and Management, International Studies, Latin American Studies, Law and Policy, Music, Policy Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Spanish, Theater, Women’s and Gender Studies

Application Deadlines

Fall Semester/Full Year: February 10
Spring Semester: September 21

Living Situation

Family homestay

On-Campus Coordinator: Prof. Mariana Past (