Student Research

Research is an important part of the physics program at Dickinson College. This typically involves taking part in a theoretical and experimental investigation of some phenomenon of interest. The following links provide some useful tools for doing a literature search to help you learn about work related to your research project.

Dickinson College Library physics and astronomy subject guide provides a good place to find information pertaining to research.

Web of Science contains the Expanded Science Citation Index and is an excellent place to find out who is citing what. An amazing tool!

Physical Review On Line Archive (PROLA) allows you access to (including search capabilities) all of the Physical Review Journals. An excellent resource!

American Journal of Physics online. Although not cutting edge research, this journal provides many excellent articles that are accessible to undergraduates.

The Physics Teacher online. This journal has many articles that are geared toward introductory physics topics and is a good place to look for easily readable articles.

Can't find what you're looking for with the above journals? Try using Dickinson's journal locator to find another journal.