The role of Dickinson Fund volunteers cannot be overstated. They are important spokespeople for the college, driving increased participation and providing resources for key priorities. As a volunteer, your connections and friendships will become the foundation of the Dickinson Fund’s success this year.

Dickinson Class Agent

The assignments and responsibilities of the Dickinson Class Agent are:

  • Engage and solicit Dickinson Fund support from approximately 20 assigned classmates
  • Thank assigned classmates who make gifts via e-mail, phone calls, texts or written notes (depending on your preference)
  • Stay informed about Dickinson news so you are prepared to help engage your classmates further with the college
  • Attend volunteer training sessions, as applicable
  • Engage with other class volunteers, as applicable, via phone or email groups
  • Attend local or regional Dickinson events as you are able
  • Support The Dickinson Fund each year


  • Your Dickinson liaison
  • Contact information for assigned classmates (pending confidentiality agreement)
  • A thank you script will be provided that you can personalize to each donor
  • Brief training will be provided for you at the start of each year

Reunion Volunteers

Reunion volunteers assist with planning, outreach to their classmates and fundraising during their reunion year. The main task of a representative of the college is to strengthen the alumni-to-college relationship through personalized interaction with classmates. Strong reunion volunteers have an enormous impact on reunion attendance and gift participation, and they provide personal touches that makes a reunion memorable.


  • Attend. Reunion volunteers must attend Alumni Weekend.
  • Keep in touch. Communicating consistently with your staff liaison and fellow reunion committee members through conference calls and email discussion is crucial to the success of Alumni Weekend and reaching your class goals.
  • Develop relationships. Take time to rekindle relationships within your class. You can contact selected classmates by phone, email or letter throughout the year to encourage attendance at Alumni Weekend, increase gift participation and pass on news from Dickinson. Follow their progress, and thank them for their registration and financial support.
  • Lead by example. Reunion volunteers are asked to make their own gift commitments to the college prior to Dec. 1 of the fiscal year and are encouraged to consider a leadership gift and/or multi-year commitment.
  • Generate communications. Personalize and/or review class communications such as reunion emails, the class website and solicitations letters. Assist with content to refresh class social networking pages.
  • Strive to reach goals. Reunion volunteers should know their class fundraising and attendance goals and make every effort to help achieve those goals by the time of Alumni Weekend.
  • Stay informed. Stay informed by visiting the college’s website, reading the Dickinson Connection newsletter and Dickinson Magazine, and following the college on social media on a regular basis.

Estimated time commitment:

Reunion volunteers should expect to commit to 1-2 hours per month to the reunion planning program. The majority of the time will be spent making personal outreach to classmates and participating in conference calls 4-6 times per year. We aim to make this a fun, no stress experience and recognize that not all volunteers will be able to be active at all times of the year.

Social Media Ambassador

A Social Media Ambassador will share regular Dickinson Fund related updates provided by the staff liaison their social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

The responsibilities of the Social Media Ambassador are:

  • Share college, class and Dickinson Fund related content on social media to your personal page
  • Attend training webinars and conferences, as applicable.
  • Engage with other class volunteers, as applicable, via phone or email groups.
  • Support the Dickinson Fund each year.


  • Your Dickinson Liaison
  • Crafted messages for you to share on your personal accounts
  • Dickinson College social media accounts to follow
  • Example message

Time Commitment

Our engagement and fundraising efforts will be crucial during the end of the calendar year (two weeks leading up to Dec. 31) and the fiscal year (two weeks leading up to June 30). The requirements of each position require about 1-2 hours per month.

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