We've designed a series of virtual sessions that will provide parents/guardians of incoming Dickinson students with helpful information about the Dickinson experience.  

Recordings of last summer's sessions are available below for your viewing. Please be mindful that some details may have changed this academic year. We look forward to the upcoming summer virtual series, and that schedule will be available soon.

If you have any questions, please contact orientation@dickinson.edu.

2022 Session Recordings

Accommodations and Supports Through Access & Disability Services

Did your child have an IEP or a 504 Plan in high school?

So did about 20% of their fellow students! Dickinson values diverse types of learners and is committed to ensuring that all students are afforded equitable access to all living and learning experiences. If your child has a learning difference or a disability – including a mental health, medical, or physical impairment – that may require accommodations, join us for this informational session with the Access & Disability Services (ADS) staff. Dean and Director Marni Jones, Associate Director John Joyce and Accommodation Facilitator and Technologist Emily Wetzel will explain the confidential accommodation process, share information about how various accommodations are implemented at Dickinson, and be available for any questions you may have. Students and parents are welcome!

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From Loans to Laundry: Financial Questions and Answers

Families will have a chance to ask questions to college administrators about tuition payments, financial aid and on-campus student spending accounts.

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Community Connections for Student Success

We are excited to welcome your students to their new home in Carlisle. Connect with staff from the Center for Civic Learning & Action to learn about opportunities for involvement and learning in the local community, volunteer and internship opportunities, and how engagement in the community can support students’ success. 

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Popel Shaw Center for Race & Ethnicity

The Popel Shaw Center (PSC) is a campus resource for students, faculty, and staff dedicated to transforming Dickinson College into an inclusive antiracist learning environment. In this session, you will learn more about the office and its programs for new students including ACE Peer Mentors and MANdatory.  Join the director, Rev. Yvette Davis, as she shares how this office will support new students.

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Inside Scoop on Course Selection & New Student Advising

Want to learn more about how you can support your student in making the academic transition to Dickinson? Did you know that in just a couple of weeks your student will speak with a member of Dickinson’s New Student Advising team before requesting their first semester classes? Join us for a discussion with Dean of Academic Advising Tara Vasold Fischer `02 (and other members of the New Student Advising team!) to learn more about what you and your student can expect from the new student advising experience and how to make the most of this opportunity. 

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Out and Proud: The Office of LGBTQ Services

The Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Questioning (LGBTQ) Services works to create a welcoming, safe, inclusive, and equitable environment for LGBTQ+ members of the Dickinson community. During this session, learn about what policies and practices are in place to support LGBTQ+ students at Dickinson. We’ll also cover how students can get involved in our work and the opportunities to celebrate their identities on and off campus.

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Center for Spirituality & Social Justice

Higher education is a perfect place for students to explore a variety of religious, secular and spiritual identities. No matter who you are, you are affected by religion and spirituality in the world. Join in this session to learn about the opportunities to explore a variety of traditions as well as potentially lean into non-religious communities including humanism and paganism. This session will also discuss opportunities regarding dietary needs on campus and support services for religious observances. 

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Candid Conversations: How to Support your Student’s Well-Being at Dickinson

Transitioning to college can be a challenging time for adult students. Between a significant change in environment, new schedules, more freedom, and infinite choices, both in and out of the classroom, the pressure of the college experience can be intense and overwhelming for young adults, many of whom are on their own for the first time. It’s important to consider how wellness plays a role in the student experience. Spend time with the Executive Director of the Wellness Center and learn how to support your student and their well-being as they prepare for life at Dickinson.

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Living on Campus

As an integral part of the out-of-classroom experience, students living in college residences will increase their cognitive, interpersonal and intrapersonal development and complexity. Students need space for physical and intellectual activities to fully benefit from this experience. We work with students to meet their needs on campus by creating the environment in college residences that will be most conducive to their overall success, both academically and socially. In this presentation, staff from the Office of Residence Life & Housing will share information about what students can expect living on campus and living with a roommate.

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Helping Students Soar to Academic Success With the Help of Strategies, Organization & Achievement Resources

What does it take to be academically successful in college? What kinds of challenges should incoming students be ready for and what supports are available to overcome them? Marni Jones and John Joyce, veteran educators and the head staff of SOAR (Strategies, Organization and Achievement Resources), will share their secrets to maximizing college academic success. Learn about the many resources available to Dickinson students and how being strategic about setting up an academic calendar, planning “what to work on when,” note-taking, studying, and managing time well can make all the difference. Students and parents are welcome to come and learn ways to soar!

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From College to Career: For Families of New Students

The world of work is rapidly changing, buffeted by automation, artificial intelligence, globalization, and, most recently, the pandemic. Positive family involvement in academic choices, career planning, and opportunity searches while in college is helpful in supporting a graduate’s successful transition from classroom to career. Join us to learn about Dickinson’s career development model and understand how you can help support your student through the career planning process while in college.

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Caring for Students: Our Model for Student Support

Learn more about our CARE Team and how we support students who find themselves facing unexpected challenges. In many instances, students experience levels of anxiety or distress, for which faculty and staff can provide adequate support through empathic listening, facilitating open discussion of problems, and offering basic advice. There are times, however, when students require more serious intervention and support by appropriate staff members. This presentation will let families know about the resources in place to support students.

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