THE SUBMISSION DEADLINE FOR FALL 2021 HOUSING ACCOMMODATION REQUESTS HAS PASSED (See the bottom of this page for information about submitting a request post-deadline.)

Dickinson is a residential college and the residential experience is understood to be an integral part of a Dickinson education. Dickinson is committed to the full participation of students with disabilities in all aspects of College life, including residential life.

Please be advised that requests for particular housing assignments based on a student’s preference, rather than need, for that type of living environment or location will not be honored (e.g., a student with ADHD or a learning disability seeking a single room to serve as a quiet, undisturbed place to study represents a preference, but not a necessity). Accordingly, an accommodation for a room with access to a semi-private bathroom or a kitchen would be granted to students for whom a dietary accommodation would not suffice in meeting their disability-related needs. Similarly, a single room accommodation is reserved for individuals whose disability documentation illustrates clear and substantial barriers in the living environment, and for whom a standard housing assignment with a roommate is not viable.

Here is more information regarding policies and deadlines regarding the Disability Accommodation Request Procedures for College Housing.


  1. Complete and submit a Disability Disclosure and Accommodation Request Form electronically through the Forms tab of the Dickinson Gateway
  2. Send the Disability Documentation Form for College Housing to your health care provider for completion. (You can also just direct your care provider to access the form via this page using this shortcut link: The healthcare provider (who may not be a relative of the student) should return the form directly to ADS via fax, email, or US mail. 
  3. Instruct your healthcare provider to send ADS Documentation of the Disability, such as test results and consultation notes. Review our Documentation Guidelines for the requirements for each specific disability. 

Documentation and requests should be submitted to ADS by one of the following means:

Fax: 717-254-8139
US Mail: Access and Disability Services
Dickinson College
P.O Box 1773

Old West Lower Level, Room 5
Carlisle, PA 17013


  • The presentation of documentation and/or the recommendation of a care provider does not automatically guarantee disability status or specific accommodations.
  • Students requesting a housing accommodation based on dietary-related needs must also follow the process outlined at


Returning Students: For all returning students, the submission deadline for fall 2021 housing accommodation requests was Friday, March 19, 2021, and all supporting documentation must have been received by this deadline.*

Incoming Students: For First-Year students, the submission deadline for fall 2021 housing accommodation requests was Monday, May 31, 2021, and all supporting documentation must have been received by this deadline.*

* If you have a need for a housing accommodation that arises for the first time after a deadline, email to make it known that you will be submitting a post-deadline request. The Housing Accommodation Committee will strive to determine and, for those deemed eligible, meet newly arising needs for housing accommodations as soon as reasonably possible given the limited availability of housing options following the assignment process. If accommodated housing is granted, but unavailable, the student will be placed on a priority waitlist until such housing becomes available.

These deadlines were established to provide the College with sufficient time to review requests, communicate with care providers, and for consideration to be given to specific housing-related needs before the complex housing assignment processes for all Dickinson students take place. The Housing Accommodation Committee has allocated a 3-week period in March for returning students and in June for incoming students to review all submitted housing accommodation requests and supporting documentation and to communicate with care providers, as necessary. For this reason, it is critical that requests and all supporting documentation are received by the posted submission deadlines. 

If you wish to seek a housing accommodation request for subsequent semesters, we urge you to take note of the guidance, notification information, and deadlines posted in the Disability Accommodation Request Procedures for College Housing.