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Meet Adam Moses ’18, political science major, track and field participant, hip hop enthusiast, and more.

Adam Moses ’18

Coming from a hometown near Washington, D.C., Adam Moses ’18 knew he wanted to be a political science major. When his college counselor told him about Dickinson’s political science department, he knew Dickinson was worth looking into. After two visits, he applied Early Decision. Learn more about his application process, his little-known hobby and more.


Political science


Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society; Dean’s List spring 2015 through fall 2016.


Great Falls, Va.

On the application process:

I found out about Dickinson because my two older sisters went to Gettysburg so it gave me awareness about the Centennial Conference. [I applied] Early Decision, so [Dickinson] was the only college I formally applied to. I visited the school twice, March 2013 (junior year in high school) and June 2013 for a track and field prospective student day.

On choosing Dickinson:

Initially, the deciding factors were the running team, academics, location and size. I did not want to attend a large school due to my small high school experience. I chose Dickinson because I went to a small private school and at the time, I was certain that I wanted to run track in college, and the Dickinson running community is very close-knit and hardworking. It’s also in close proximity to home. However, coming from a wealthy bubble—the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area—I was drawn to a different environment and knew it would be challenging. Coming from Washington, I knew I wanted to be a political science major and my high-school college counselor told me that Dickinson’s political science department was the second largest of liberal-arts schools on the East Coast.

On reservations:

I was anxious about going to college in general because of how drastically it changes your life. I was also worried that it would be too small and therefore hard to find my friend group.

On my Dickinson moment:

Second semester of freshman year when I became close to the guys who I live with. We all became really good friends because we were the freshman track men. Unique to Dickinson’s sports team environment is that everyone eats together for each meal, so I quickly developed meaningful relationships with them and we formed a strong friendship.

Little-known hobby:

I don’t know if this is considered a hobby; however, I am in love with hip hop and hip hop culture. I spend a significant amount of time keeping up with new music, artists and changing sounds or themes within the genre.

As a kid …

… I was obsessed with dinosaurs and wanted to be a paleontologist.

To prospective students:

If anything about my story resonates with you, or if anything that I’ve spoken to sounds like an experience you are looking for, then just apply.

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Published March 24, 2017