Sharing the Unforgettable

“Overlooking View” by Karuna Sah ’19.

“Overlooking View” by Karuna Sah ’19.

Photo contest brings key study abroad experiences to light

by MaryAlice Bitts-Jackson

Living on campus allows students to easily share all that they're learning and experiencing in college with others who truly understand. That can represent a challenge for study abroad students, who learn and experience many new things during their time away from campus and want to share what they’ve learned on their return.

The Global Education Photo Contest exhibition helps them do just that, and in a big way. Held each spring, the contest gives returning study abroad students and current international students a chance to bring their global discoveries to the entire campus community. While the photographers use the opportunity to celebrate, reflect and reconnect, their photos open new worlds to students who have not, or not yet, studied abroad.

This year’s contest included six photo categories and drew more than 40 entries. The winners were announced March 24 during a public reception and exhibition:

As they applied for the contest and during the reception, the winners discussed key events in their time abroad. For Tanabe, it was the chance to interact closely with Tanzanian community members while conducting research on the Maasai tribe. “It was an unforgettable time,” she said. “Despite the language barrier, we shared laughs and inquisitive gestures, and I was able to truly experience the beautiful country of Tanzania.”

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Published April 7, 2016