The Department of East Asian Studies at Dickinson focuses on the study of China and Japan but attends increasingly to the broader regional and global contexts of these two civilizations. In our courses, students explore the region from multiple disciplinary perspectives: from ancient origins to contemporary realities through the study of history, society, politics, business and economics, literature and culture.

Students may also choose one of three majors—East Asian studies, Chinese or Japanese—all of which are language-based. East Asian studies majors study Japanese or Chinese through the end of their second year. Japanese and Chinese majors study language through the advanced level. East Asian studies majors must also take a range of courses on East Asian topics across multiple disciplines and countries. Chinese and Japanese majors are required to take several courses on topics related to China or Japan, respectively.

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Shawn Bender
Assoc Prof East Asian Studies

Department Coordinator:
Hoda Al-Haddad


105C, Stern Center for Global Ed
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