The role of Devils’ Advocates cannot be overstated. Devils’ Advocates are important spokespeople for the Dickinson Fund, driving increased participation and providing resources for key priorities. Your connections and friendships will become the foundation of the Dickinson Fund’s success this year.



By becoming a Devils’ Advocate, you join a network of alumni to spread the word about why giving back to Dickinson is so important. Devils’ Advocates are provided the tools and training needed to contact a group of friends and classmates each year by phone, email, note or text message to accomplish three goals:


  1. Encourage fellow alumni to express their Dickinson pride by supporting the Dickinson Fund, 
  2. Recognize and thank friends for giving back, and
  3. Celebrate the inspiring accomplishments of alumni, faculty and students and invite your network to foster an active connection with the Dickinson community.



  1. Lead by example: make your gift or pledge to Dickinson early in the fiscal year.
  2. Each year, personally contact 10 friends who have not recently made a gift through individual phone calls, e-mails, notes or text messages about making their annual gift.
  3. Lend your name to two Dickinson Fund class or affinity group solicitations
    per year.
  4. Log into the myContacts volunteer website to communicate results of your
    outreach, relay alumni feedback and submit changes in addresses, phone
    numbers, or email addresses discovered through your contact with friends.
  5. Thank those who make a gift! Every gift deserves a personal thank you.




  1. Share Dickinson news with your friends and classmates.
  2. Relay alumni feedback to the Dickinson Fund team.
  3. Help to identify and recruit additional Devils’ Advocates.
  4. Engage your network through Dickinson social media outreach.