The Devils’ Advocate program offers alumni the opportunity to work with other passionate and connected Dickinsonians to advocate for the life-changing opportunities that the Dickinson Fund makes possible.

The Dickinson Fund is the single largest source of unrestricted gift income to the college. Every gift counts! Annual contributions made by alumni, parents and friends help pave the way for current and future Dickinsonians to access a premiere liberal-arts education, while honoring the 230+-year legacy of philanthropy that contributed to their own college experiences.

Devils’ Advocates are provided the tools and training needed to contact a group of friends and classmates each year by phone, email, note or text message to accomplish three goals: encourage support, thank friends for giving back, and foster an active connection to the College.


Every gift, no matter the size, makes a difference. Each gift shows the world that Dickinson has a strong community of individuals who believe in and support our mission and vision.

There are many other things that are impacted by our alumni participation rate. Dickinson competes with other institutions for grants to support student-faculty research, academic program enhancements and much more. Foundations view alumni participation as a measure of an institution’s strength because alumni know the institution best.

In addition, the alumni giving rate accounts for 5 percent of the annual U.S. News and World Report ranking of the best colleges in the nation. That’s almost the same weight as the graduation rate (7.5 percent).

Strong alumni participation means that Dickinson can admit the best and brightest students regardless of finances, that more students can take part in internships, student-faculty and research projects, and that your alma mater will continue thriving and meeting its goals and aspirations.

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