When choosing a college, your sense of fit is a key component. And the best way to determine your fit is to visit the campus, spend time with its people and discover firsthand what the institution is all about.

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Visitor Perspectives

"The highlight of my visit was observing the students and seeing how they interacted with one another. From what I could see, Dickinson students are intelligent and very welcoming, something I consider an important quality in a college."

Admissions tour

"The overall visit was great. Probably the friendliest campus I have ever been to."

Stories and Images

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  • "Knowing What's Right" - Students visited Dickinson for two distinctive Presidents Day programs. Learn more and watch a video feature.
  • "Spring Starts Strong" - A record number of prospective students and families attend the first Discover Dickinson program of 2014.

"I was impressed by the entire Dickinson experience. However, what struck me most was both the level of connectedness students enjoy in the community (sitting on boards and committees), and the innovativeness of faculty as evidenced by the hands-on, student-centered approach to learning adopted at Dickinson."

Discover Dickinson

"I really loved the school and I think the campus is absolutely gorgeous. The students and professors were amazing and incredibly helpful."

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