Writing Center tutors are students selected on the basis of their strong writing and interpersonal skills. They take a semester-long course in composition theory and tutoring practice before becoming tutors. In addition to tutoring, they visit classes to talk about the services provided by the Writing Center, and they assist faculty in classroom writing workshops and peer-editing sessions.

Tutors by Major

Tutor Major(s)
Meghan Rasmussen (SR)
American Studies
Leah Shafer (SR)
American Studies
Joelle Cicak (SO) Art & Art History
Eileen Shen (SR) Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Ethan Slusher (SO) Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Trevor Griesman (JR) Biology
Laura Hart (JR)
Magdi Niedermeyer (JR) Biology
Robin Beck (SR)
Computer Science
Justine Heritage (SR) Computer Science
Aditya Royyuru (JR) Economics
Jared Warzala (SO)  
Larissa Albright (JR) English
Esprit Basner (JR) English
Julia Dolinger (SO) English (SOCI Minor)
Grace Fisher (JR) English
Laura Hart (JR) English
Courtney Helt (SO) English
Jessica Klimoff (SO) English
Mary Naydan (JR) English (EDUC Minor)
Magdi Niedermeyer (JR) English
Meghan Rasmussen (SR) English (AMST Minor)
Emma Rodwin (SR) English (and Spanish)
Izzy Rosenthal Zimmerman (SR) English (Studio Art Minor)
Leah Shafer (SR) English (and French)
Kallie Strode (SR)
English (FLST Minor)
Kat Swantak (JR) English (CR WR Minor)
Colin Tripp (SR) English
Chris Wolf (SR) English
Claire Brawdy (SO) History
Elizabeth Hardison (SO) History (ENGL/FREN Minors)
Xueyin Zha (SO) History
Casey Cliff (SO)   
Intl Business and Mgmt (and Spanish)
Brian Reiger (JR)  
Intl Business and Mgmt
Alie Farrand (SO) 
Intl Studies (SPAN and ECON Minor)
Kendra Haven (SR)   
Intl Studies (ENGL Minor)
Grace McCrocklin (SO)  
Intl Studies (and French)
Ian Tigh (SR)      
Italian Studies (PSYC Minor)
Rachel Williams (SO) 
Law and Policy
Robin Beck (SR)       
Justine Heritage (SR)   
Aditya Royyuru (JR)  
Stephen Reale (SR) 
Krista Dionne (JR)   
Neuroscience (and Spanish) (Hlth St Minor)
Alissa Meister (JR)   
Neuroscience (Hlth Std Minor)
Stephen Reale (SR)   
Kristen Pacific (SR)
Frieda Adu-Brempong (SO) Policy Management (ECON Minor)
Rachel Williams (SO)  
Political Science
Jared Warzala (SO)   
Political Science
Val Calandra (JR)   
Psychology (AMST Minor)
Adrian Evans (JR) 
Madeleine Kushlan (SO)   
Psychology (FREN Minor)
Sara Moss (SR)      
Barrett Zeigler (SO)
Jessica Klimoff (SO)
Xueyin Zha (SO)
Esprit Basner (JR) Women's and Gender Studies