Prospective Students

A tour group in front of the Weiss Center for the ArtsIn order to see for yourself what sets music at Dickinson apart from other music programs within liberal arts settings, the music department strongly encourages you to schedule a campus visit by contacting Mary Chobanian Aguirre '12 at During your visit you may sit in on classes or studio lessons and attend a concert or a rehearsal.

Admission to Dickinson is based on academic excellence. As the college values excellence in all artistic and intellectual pursuits, you may also elect to have your musical experiences and talents considered in the application process.

Application/Audition Process

For your musical interests and experiences to be considered in the application process, you must: Complete the Common Application for Dickinson College where you will follow the links (in the Common Application) to SlideRoom, and select between two options:

Option A) Live Auditions / Interviews for Scholarships

Only submissions from applicants via Option A are considered for live auditions/interviews and scholarships and the following scholarships on recommendation of the Music Department:

  • John Dickinson Scholarship ($20,000 + lesson fee waiver)
  • Benjamin Rush Scholarship ($15,000 + lesson fee waiver)
  • John Mongtomery Scholarship ($10,000 + lesson fee waiver)
  • Bullard Music Scholarship ($1,000 + lesson fee waiver)

Video submissions are required.

Live auditions and interviews at Dickinson are by invitation only based on your SlideRoom submission. They are only available to Early Decision I and Early Action applicants. We encourage you to submit your application as early as possible in order to make appropriate travel arrangements should you be selected to audition.

Your SlideRoom submissions (which must be in video format, unedited, with no artificial enhancement or corrective software used) will serve as the preliminary criteria for being invited to a live audition/interview. *Singers: please attach PDF files of scores needed for live auditions/interviews to your initial SlideRoom submission. Should you be invited to audition live, the scores will be given to faculty pianists who will accompany you in your audition. Please follow audition repertoire and material submission guidelines.

Choice of Option A should be made by serious musicians who wish to be considered for scholarships based either on their advanced level of music performance, their composition portfolio (composers), or their writing on music (theory and music history). Regardless of whether you major or minor in music, or participate in the music program as a non-music major, we expect scholarship applicants to understand that, should a scholarship be awarded, active participation in the music department either through ensembles, lessons or classes is expected during all semesters in residence at Dickinson.

Live auditions/interviews (in performance, music history, theory and composition) give our faculty the opportunity to meet each candidate and to assess his/her musical abilities, potential to be a scholarship recipient, and aptitude for success as a musician at Dickinson as a music major, minor, or non-major. Likewise, an audition/interview is an important opportunity for you to meet our faculty, see our facilities, and determine how studying music at Dickinson matches your educational goals. Auditions and interviews are approximately 10 minutes long. Besides an audition, your day will include visits to classes, a tour, and other activities on campus.

Audition notification dates:

  • Early Decision I applicants will be notified of a live audition/interview by Friday, November 20.

  • Early Action applicants will be notified of a live audition/interview by Wednesday, December 2.

The Admissions Office will work in conjunction with the Music Department to schedule your specific live audition/interview time on the audition date (see below).

Audition Date:

All auditions are scheduled for Wednesday, December 9, beginning at 9 a.m.

Music faculty are not available for unscheduled auditions or interviews.

Live auditions/interviews ARE required for consideration for scholarships but not for admission to the college.

If an audition/interview invitation is not extended, your talent submission will still factor into your overall admission decision. Priority for scholarship consideration is given to candidates who come for the live audition/interview.

Students who wish to be considered for a scholarship but are not able to travel to Dickinson for a live audition/interview should submit a request for special consideration and explain the circumstances via e-mail to Angela Barone (, director of admissions communications.

Option B) Submission of audition materials on SlideRoom only—not considered for scholarship or live audition.

Music faculty reviewing uploaded materials will assess a candidate's strengths and potential for success in the music program and will make recommendations to the admissions staff.

Video submissions are preferred.

If you wish for the music faculty to consider recommending you for scholarships, please see Option A above.

What to prepare for audition/interview or upload

Please follow the audition repertoire and material submission guidelines.

Do you intend to major in music?

If so, we strongly encourage you to apply under Option A. This process is especially important for students who intend to study abroad in their junior year at Dickinson.

Audition Results

All music faculty assessments are confidential. Those assessments are communicated directly to the college admissions office for consideration with your entire application to Dickinson. The admissions office makes final decisions with regard to acceptance to the college and scholarship awards.

For further information on admission or scholarships, please contact the Office of Admissions at 800-644-1773 or

Questions for music faculty?

Please contact the appropriate music faculty member with any questions regarding the music program or auditions and interviews.