Dickinson offers a full range of courses in Latin and Greek, as well as courses in ancient history, archaeology, classical philosophy, and classical literature in translation. An active student community fosters the classics on campus through various events, a Latin club for school students, the Classics House, the annual Classics Festival, and the Eta Sigma Phi honor society. Almost all majors spend time overseas, usually in Rome or Athens. The department sponsors the annual Roberts Lectures, a series of digital projects created collaboratively by faculty and students, and a series of workshops for teachers, the Dickinson Latin Workshops and the Conventiculum Dickinsoniense, a spoken Latin immersion.

Contact Info

Christopher A. Francese
Professor of Classical Languages

Department Coordinator:
Terri Blumenthal


1st floor, East College
Mailing Address

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Dickinson College Commentaries

Searching in Lewis and Short

A little known but extremely useful resource for Latin composition is the digitization of Lewis & Short done at the University of Chicago: http://perseus.uchicago.edu/Reference/lewis.html Search the FULL TEXT of this dictionary for an English word to find every entry in … Continue reading

Learning from older school editions of classical texts

Here is my talk from CAMWS 2015 on digital text annotation, for those many who were unable or disinclined to come to an 8:00 p.m. (!) session. Please leave a comment if you like. The field of digital classics is very … Continue reading

Liberating the Text

Gregory Crane has written a fierce new manifesto directed at editors of classical texts, in which he urges scholars to “liberate textual data from corporate control” by publishing editions only in open (Creative Commons) licensed venues and only in TEI-XML tagged formats, … Continue reading