Economics and Quantitative Economics Major Jobs and Graduate School Acceptances 2023

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Associate Professor of Economics Tony Underwood with students.

Colin Jones

Hometown: Herndon, Virginia
Employer: Accenture Federal Services
Job Title: data analytics engineer 
What was the most impactful academic experience you had at Dickinson?
Learning that I really can accomplish anything if I work hard enough.
Internship Experience
  • PenFed Credit Union: data analyst

Shawn Jeong

Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky
Majors: mathematics, quantitative economics 
Employer: Talcott Resolution
Job title: actuarial consultant
What are some of the defining moments of your Dickinson experience?
Homecoming where I made a great connection with an alum.

Trang Do

Hometown: Hanoi, Viet Nam
Majors: quantitative economics, mathematics
Employer: Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Job title: research associate

Harpreet Chohan

Hometown: Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
Majors: political science, economics
Graduate School: London School of Economics
Field of study: political science (comparative politics & conflict studies)
How has Dickinson prepared you for life after graduation?
Provided me amazing opportunities I could only dream of.

Ben Stoopack

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Employer: New York Mets
Job title: foundation and community engagement intern
How has Dickinson prepared you for life after graduation?
Through a well-balanced education, I have been able to learn a lot about different subjects that will aid me in my career path. In my own majors, I have been able to learn a lot about the business world and develop skills that will certainly help me become a better employee.
Internship Experience
  • Summer 2022 - Worcester Red Sox in in Worcester, Mass. 

Derek Smith

Hometown: Doylestown, Pennsylvania
Major: quantitative economics 
Employer: U.S. Army
Job title: second lieutenant, infantry officer
How has Dickinson prepared you for life after graduation?
Dickinson has shown me how to effectively plan and prioritize what is best for me. The challenges I faced throughout my college career in managing varsity athletics, ROTC and academics to the highest standard while still maintaining healthy relationships with my friends and family has provided me with the ability to balance all aspects of my life. 

Jesse Wray

Hometown: Chevy Chase, Maryland
Major: quanititative economics
Employer: M&T Bank
Job title: Community Branch Management Program
Internship Experience
  • Aflac

Aidan Sichel

Hometown: New Hope, Pennsylvania
Major: quantitative economics
Employer: Reckitt Benckiser
Job title: 2023 Finance Future Leader: Success Through Experience Program (S.T.E.P)
How has Dickinson prepared you for life after graduation?
My work in quantitative economics in addition to psychology at Dickinson has given me exposure to a strong background in statistics and applied research. By embracing the liberal arts and taking a wide breadth of courses that truly interested me, I found my passion for this cross-discipline intersection, the study of behavioral economics, and so much more. I'm really interested in how people make decisions, and, in fact, I’m fascinated by the psychology behind economics. I often ask questions related to how markets work, how consumers make decisions, and what can businesses do to make sure their products meet consumers' expectations. I am excited to apply what I have learned throughout my experiences at Dickinson to my career.
Internship Experience
  • 2021 Dickinson College, student faculty research
  • 2022 New Jersey YMCA State Alliance, Americorps intern
  • 2023 Church & Dwight eCommerce brand intern

Aidan Shea

Hometown: West Hartford, Connecnticut
Majors: international business & management, economics 
Graduate School: Northeastern University
Field of study: MBA
What are some of the defining moments of your Dickinson experience?
My time at Dickinson was most impacted by studying abroad in Málaga, Spain. I lived with a family from the area and took all of my classes in Spanish. Living with a local family helped me experience their culture and practice speaking the language. The classes were challenging and taught me about international perspectives. Exploring the city and traveling to nearby areas expanded my horizons, while friendships formed with other students in the program enriched my experience.
Internship Experience
  • Enginuity LLC., Mechanicsburg/Carlisle, Pa., project manager assistant

Zimeng Liu

Hometown: Tianjin, China
Majors: mathematics, data analytics, quantitative economics
Graduate School: Yale University
Field of study: statistics and data science

Janet Cao

Hometown: Shanghai, China
Major: quantitative economics 
Employer: NielsenIQ
Job title: data analyst intern
Graduate School: University of Chicago
Field of study: social sciences-economics concentration 
How has Dickinson prepared you for life after graduation?
The study at Dickinson College equipped me with problem-solving, communication and critical-thinking abilities, and also inspired my passion for quantitative analysis in psychology and economics.

Nick Rickert

Hometown: Rockville, Maryland
Majors: economics, German 
Employer: Earle B. Wood Middle school, Montgomery County Public Schools
Job title: special education long-term substitute teacher
How has Dickinson prepared you for life after graduation?
The faculty at Dickinson helped me think critically about what I consider important and meaningful work, in addition to the value of learning throughout one's life.
Internship Experience
  • Dickinson College House Divided Project 

Luke Sternick

Hometown: Latrobe, Pennsylvania
Major: quantitative economics
Graduate School: Penn State Dickinson School of Law
Field of study: law 

Zuka Katsitadze

Hometown: Tbilisi, Georgia
Major: economics 
Employer: Pwc
Job title: accounting/audit assistant
How has Dickinson prepared you for life after graduation?
Better time management, productivity and a healthy lifestyle.
Internship Experience
  • Pwc



Published April 25, 2023