Earth Sciences Major Jobs and Graduate School Acceptances 2022

Photo of man on snowshoes walking up a steep, snow-covered hillside.

Professor of Earth Sciences Ben Edwards hauls ground-penetrating radar equipment up a snow-covered hillside in Colorado. Photo by Associate Professor of Biology Scott Boback.

Sammy Arnold

Hometown: Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania
Employer: TekSystems
Job Title: GIS analyst 
Graduate School: Penn State
Field of study: geospatial intelligence analyst
Job Responsibilities
Creating a GIS database for 911 call centers to use to determine which station to call for emergency response. 
How has Dickinson prepared you for life after graduation?
Taught me to be flexible and seek out new experiences. 
What are you most anticipating about your career or post-graduate pursuits?
Continuing my education.
What are some of the defining moments of your Dickinson experience?
Meeting students from all different backgrounds.
Internship Experience
REU Fellowship Sea Grant, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Research (virtual): Conducting research with a doctoral candidate on machine learning and sea turtle image identification. 

Liz McCreary

Hometown: Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Majors: earth sciences, history 
Graduate School: Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Field of study: applied archaeology

How has Dickinson prepared you for life after graduation?
I have a well-rounded education that makes me employable for all kinds of jobs, and I have interacted with people from all over the world at Dickinson, which will help me interact with people in a job or social situation where I have to work or meet with people from all over.
What are you most anticipating about your career or post-graduate pursuits?
I am excited to further my education and pursue my passions, and I am looking forward to getting even more field experience. I am hoping that all of this will eventually lead to a career with the National Park Service, so I am excited in general to see what the future holds.
What are some of the defining moments of your Dickinson experience?
Some of my field trips and field experiences (prior to Covid of course) were some of the best experiences I have had. Specifically getting to go to Cape Henlopen for one of my earth sciences classes. It was a great experience overall getting to do some research in the field, but it was also an amazing and fun time and it gave me a chance to meet and get to know some classmates better.
Internship Experience
I completed three internships during my time here at Dickinson: one at the Cumberland County Historical Society in Carlisle, one with the Dickinson College House Divided Project on campus and my most recent one was at the Gettysburg National Military Park. Through all of those internships, I did all kinds of things, including extensive research, creating a temporary museum exhibit, creating sorrymaps, creating media posts about research, creating and presenting different guided walking tours, working at an information desk where I helped guests and transcribing documents.

Charlie Coriell

Hometown: Moorestown, New Jersey
Major: earth sciences 
Employer: Environmental Resource Management 
Job title: consultant I, scientist
Job Responsibilities
Within the role of Consultant I, scientist (geoscience), I will be tasked to prepare environmental compliance plans, permits and reports for concerns with air quality, hazardous waste, spill contaminations and storm/ground water in various site locations. I will be working with clients to make their properties more sustainable by doing site investigation and environmental remediation of soil, groundwater, sediments and chemical products. As an environmental consultant, my responsibilities include assisting with environmental due diligence assessments and working collaboratively with my company, clients and subtractors. 
How has Dickinson prepared you for life after graduation?
Throughout my four years at Dickinson, I have learned to apply information from the different classes I took to various fields and developed my critical thinking and analytical skills. Therefore, I will be able to apply my knowledge of the earth sciences and environmental science background within the environmental industry. Dickinson has also provided a multitude of resources that have helped me develop time management, studying and leadership skills that will prepare me for my future career. Looking back on my Dickinson education, I've gain confidence in myself with leading others and engaging with my community to create long-term goals for a brighter future. I now have a strong perspective of meaningful relationships and can build connections with groups of people and professors in my life. 
What are you most anticipating about your career or post-graduate pursuits?
I am hopeful that my career will help me decide which path to take within the industry and other opportunities I can explore for the long-term. I am hopeful that I will decide whether I would like to pursue graduate school with my degree and what area I want to pursue in environmental science or earth sciences. 
What are some of the defining moments of your Dickinson experience?   
Throughout my college career, there has been some experiences that shaped my Dickinson education, and I am grateful for those moments. My first experience that I really enjoyed was going along trips with the Outing Club my freshman year to places around south central PA. I attended almost every hike and outdoor related event moving into my sophomore year, and this was when I decided to actively get involved with the club by joining the executive board. Going from trip leader to social media coordinator to the president of the Outing Club really shaped my leadership and commitment to the club and the people who join us on trips. Being on the Outdoor Club at Dickinson as been an rewarding and valuable experience for my career after college.
Another moment of my Dickinson experience that I look back on is my time on the Junkyard Turkey’s Ultimate Frisbee team sophomore year when I participated in the home event in the fall. Through Frisbee club, I met so many friends and had a lot of fun attending practices and social events with the team. These are the friends that I made over the last two years at Dickinson, and I’m glad that I was able to form some incredible relationships with them. A third moment that really impacted my Dickinson experience was going to Cape Henlopen State Park, Del. my sophomore year in my oceanography class with Assistant Professor of Earth Sciences Jorden Hayes. Doing a collaborative field-research project with some amazing classmates at Cape Henlopen and spending time exploring the park on my own was an incredible moment that I had while at Dickinson. 


Published March 22, 2022