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Podcast: Paying the Game of Life

A photo of a photographer taking a picture of two Dickinson students inside a classroom.

Photographer Andre Chung takes a picture of two Dickinson students in the Paying the Game of Life class for an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education. Photo by Lauren Davidson.


Many of us aspire to take better care of our financial lives. In this episode, we look at how Dickinsonians are charting a course for a financially fit future with International Business & Management Lecturer Joy Middaugh’s unique First-Year Seminar, Paying the Game of Life. Then, Associate Professor of Mathematics Jeff Forrester reveals the answer to last episode’s puzzler, and you may have to break out your salad fork to answer his latest question. Email your answer to by Feb. 10, 2020, for a chance to win Dickinson swag. Plus, we discuss paying for college with Director of Financial Aid Leah Young.



Paying the Game of Life

We visit the Paying the Game of Life First-Year Seminar. The Chronicle of Higher Education recently featured the course as an innovative way to teach financial wellness.

Puzzler: Pass the Dressing, Please

The clues this time are simple, really. Start with 21, 8, 7. Here’s the part where Peyton Manning might yell “Omaha.” Next, add 7, 8, 25, 12, 15 and 22. Now, there is only one way through this cypher. You will need a little help, and the trick sounds like a salad or a dressing but, of course, it’s neither here. Just hang your solution on the last digit in the year of Dickinson’s founding, that should do the trick.

Listen to the new question at the 2:10 mark below.

Email your answer to by Feb. 20, 2020, for a chance to win Dickinson swag.

Director of Financial Aid Leah Young

We will catch up with President Ensign in February’s episode. In this segment, we continue the conversation about the Paying the Game of Life financial wellness course with one of its guest speakers, Dickinson Director of Financial Aid Leah Young.

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Published January 16, 2020