Far Beyond the Headlines

Russia Video

Russia Video

Russian majors look at the world through a unique lens

video by Joe O'Neill

With Russia in the headlines in some fashion every day, Russian majors at Dickinson find themselves in touch with the pulse of international relations as well as the Russian language—both in the classroom and abroad.

“The Dickinson in Moscow program challenges you in ways you might not expect,” says Austin Dowell ’17 (international studies, Russian), who studied abroad three times while at Dickinson. “It’s a very politically charged situation right now, so to be able to go beyond the media narratives and talk to people, get to know people, have those relationships, [it] was really important to me.”

With class sizes even smaller than Dickinson’s average 9-to-1 student-faculty ratio, students form close bonds with each other and their professors, becoming, as Jules Isacson ’19 (Russian, economics) puts it, “a fun, quirky family.”

Like many majors at Dickinson, the scope of the Russian major extends far beyond expectations, encompassing people, places and ways of life.

“When you’re learning Russian, you’re also learning a lifestyle,” says Isacson. “You’re learning about politics, the culture, the economy. It’s a different way of thinking about life and looking at the world.”

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Published July 27, 2017