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Academic open house

Photo by Carl Socolow '77.

The 2017 Academic Open House anchors the Class of 2021 Preview Day

A jam-packed Class of 2021 Preview Day found more than 500 attendees across campus Thursday, March 2, with a record 221 admitted and enrolled students attending the annual Academic Open House. While Preview Day is for students and their parents, the Academic Open House is a student-only affair, allowing attendees to explore majors, classes and Dickinson’s co-curricular offerings firsthand.

“This is a great opportunity for members of the Dickinson community—whether they be recently declared majors, faculty members, people still deciding what major to choose or admitted students deciding whether to attend Dickinson—to come together around shared interests,” said Tara Vasold Fischer ’02, associate dean of advising, college dean and coordinator of the Community College Partnership Program.

Those admitted and enrolled students also took tours of the campus, met with other potential students and their families and spoke with an array of Dickinsonians.

“I just met a parent, and her daughter has been accepted and is coming to Dickinson, and she's so proud,” said Marc Mastrangelo, professor of classical studies. “They love doing this together and seeing what the future's going to be like here.”

Attendees also heard welcome messages from interim President Neil Weissman; Joyce Bylander, vice president and dean of student life; Phil Jones, dean of career development and assistant vice president for student life; and Stefanie Niles, vice president for enrollment, marketing & communications. And throughout the day, the energy was palpable.

“You can actually feel the buzz in the air,” Mastrangelo said, looking over the roiling Academic Open House crowd. “They want to find out what courses and subjects they want to take on, and everybody's excited to be here. There is so much enthusiasm from both parents and students, and the energy level is the highest I've seen on campus all year long.”

Admitted students have more opportunities to see if Dickinson’s atmosphere is right for them before they have to make their final enrollment decision on May 1. Invitations are being sent for regional receptions around the country hosted by Dickinson alumni and parents, and the month of April includes several more on-campus visit programs (including three Made-to-Order Programs April 5, 12 or 19 and the Accepted Student Open House on April 8).

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Published March 6, 2017