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Vantage Points: The Ebola Outbreak

Ebola, Vantage Points

Digitally colorized scanning electron micrograph depicting numerous filamentous Ebola virus particles. Image courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Dickinson faculty are thought leaders who artfully connect global and national issues across various disciplines. Vantage Points is an online forum that highlights their expertise and analysis. 

This installment of Vantage Points is inspired by a panel discussion organized by the Clarke Forum for Contemporary Issues, which will take place on Thursday, Dec. 4. Learn more.

The Ebola Outbreak: What Have We Learned So Far?

Michael BeeversThe Full-Scale Epidemic Was Avoidable

Michael Beevers, assistant professor of environmental studies: Poor economies, a lack of confidence in the government and a sluggish response contributed to outbreak escalation. Read more.

Helweg Larsen

Let's Weigh the Risks

Marie Helweg-Larsen, professor of psychology: How we perceive risk impacts our emotional reaction to infectious-disease outbreaks like Ebola. Read more.

HensonAn Outbreak of Disproportionate Proportions

John Henson, Charles A. Dana Professor of Biology: Ebola has exposed many weaknesses. Read more.


Published December 3, 2014