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Vantage Points: Minimum Wage

Vantage Points, Minimum Wage

One Question, Many Perspectives

Dickinson faculty are thought leaders who artfully connect global and national issues across various disciplines. Vantage Points is an online forum that highlights their expertise and analysis. 

This installment of Vantage Points was inspired by a multidisciplinary panel discussion organized by Students for Social Action.

Income Inequality: Is Raising the Minimum Wage the Solution? 

Kristine Mitchell, political science

A Small Step in the Right Direction
Kristine Mitchell, assistant professor of political science and international studies: In America, opportunities to succeed are determined far more by earnings than in most other rich countries. Read more.

Jonathan Cogliano, economics

Good For Workers, Not For Equity
Jonathan Cogliano, assistant professor of economics: Specifically targeted policies could do more. Read more.

Susan Rose

We Can and Should Do Better
Susan Rose, Charles A. Dana Professor of Sociology and Director of the Community Studies Center: People who are willing to work hard have a right to a decent livelihood. Read more.

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Published April 15, 2014