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Extended Orientation

During the first four weeks of the semester, first-year students must participate in an extension of the orientation process.  Students will participate in rotating workshops during the first four Thursdays of the semester at 12 noon. Wellness Center staff will present the following workshops:

Alcohol and Drug Use and the First Year Experience: Helpful Hints for Harm Reduction

This interactive workshop will provide a broad overview of essential things you need to know about substance use. You will learn important information about reducing the negative consequences of substance use.

Healthy Communication and Boundary Setting in Interpersonal Relationships

This presentation will focus on helping students understand the importance of setting, communicating, and maintaining healthy boundaries in various interpersonal relationships. Content from this presentation should assist students in developing healthy and positive relationships with the campus community (i.e., peers, roommates, friend groups, faculty, and staff).

Transitions: Stress and Resilience

This workshop will provide information on stress and the impact of stressful transitions, such as the move to college and various transitions to independence and adulthood. We will also learn about tools for building resilience to help mitigate the impact of stressful events on one's ability to function.

Anxiety and Stress Management

This workshop will provide participants with information about stress and anxiety, including identifying the differences and tips for symptom reduction.

See the campus calendar in EngageD or the Corq app for additional information about the schedule and locations.