Dickinson alumni send their warmest congratulations to the class of 2021. Welcome to the alumni community—over 26,000 #DsonProud and #DsonStrong.

Congratulations to the Dickinson College class of 2021! This year has been one for the books, and I cannot think of a more resilient graduate class. You've all handled the flux of this senior year with grace and grit, and I know that each and every one of you will go on to do amazing things! Welcome to the alumni network!

Claire Brawdy 2016
Richmond, VA


Congratulations to the Class of 2021! A big accomplishment, one that has prepared you for the world ahead. Enjoy this moment!

Elizabeth Carberry 2009
Sterling, VA


I graduated from Dickinson almost 50 years ago and it is a thread that runs through my entire life, personally and professionally - friends, family, business contacts, activities, travel, lifelong learning, and a perspective on the world. I wish you the best as you build your future life.  Your Dickinson experience is a great foundation. Congratulations!

Lu Conser 1972
Carlisle, PA


Congratulations on one of the most significant accomplishments of your life. Graduating with your degree from Dickinson gives you the tools you need to find success and happiness. And while it is sad that you missed the campus time to spend time with friends, I can promise you it doesn't end on graduation day. The friendships you've made will last you a lifetime and only grow stronger in time. I graduated nearly 30 years ago and can tell you that I have dozens of friends from Dickinson who I don't chat with daily or even weekly, BUT, they are still my closest friends and strongest bonds. We count on and support one another without judgement because we "grew up" together. We trust one another in ways that is difficult to find later and support one another to find happiness. Stay in touch with those connections you've made and know that the broader Dickinson Community is also a very welcoming and fascinating group of individuals you should try to meet. Wishing you all tremendous success and happiness.

Francesca Dea 1993
Washington, DC


Congrats class of 2021! You may be going into a world that looks a bit strange right now, but rest assured your Dickinson education has prepared you to handle it. You did it!

Julia Dolinger 2016
Philadelphia, PA


To the Class of 2021,

There are so many of you that I am proud of and am such good friends with. I got to be a student with you and got to work with you after I graduated, and you all have impressed me so much with your dedication and passion for what you believe in. I’m sending you the biggest congratulations on your graduation from Dickinson in a global pandemic and all! I’m sorry this past year and a half have been so difficult and in many ways disappointing. You’ve all made it as great as it could have been and I think that’s amazing. Good luck with your post college endeavors!! I can’t wait to follow along and see what you do. Love, Carolyn

Carolyn Goode 2018
Philadelphia, PA USA


Congrats on graduation! We are so lucky to have you as a part of the Dickinson Alumni community. Remember, you can always lean on a Red Devil after you leave the limestone. Please reach out if you need anything at all! We cannot wait to see what you do. CONGRATS!

Emily Hershman 2013
Wilmington, DE


It has been a privilege to get to know several of your number through Mock Trial and teaching. You've made it through some big challenges, which will no doubt prepare you for whatever is ahead. Godspeed!

Albert Masland 1979
Carlisle, PA


Congratulations Class of 2021!! So proud of all you. Your resilience will make you so successful in your life  after Dickinson. Always remember alumni are here to help you in anyway we can.

Lisi Mueller 2018
Reston, VA


Congratulations on graduating from Dickinson!  What an accomplishment you have achieved, especially given the past year.   Welcome to alumni status, trust me, your Dickinson experience is not ending, it is just starting a new phase.  Take time to maintain the relationships you formed while at Dickinson, and reach out and connect with alumni as you embark on your professional career.  Do not hesitate to network or just say hi when there is an  opportunity to meet fellow alumni.


Jeff Murison 1993
Raleigh, NC


Class of '21:  You might not realize it but there a lot of Dickinson people out there who have been following your progress over these last two years.  We know it has been tough for you but we were rooting for you then, now and as you go out into the world.  You're the best!  Be Dickinson Strong both now and into the future.

Lawrence (Skip) Persick 1983
West Chester, PA


Congrats to all the graduates...welcome to the Alumni community....life as a Dickinsonian continues in rich and valuable ways beyond the limestone walls....good luck on every step of your next adventures!  You are well-positioned to change the world - in macro & micro & remarkable ways!  Best of luck & have some fun!.....

Kristin Pracitto 1992
Bethany, CT


To the members of the Class of 2021,

As you venture beyond the limestone walls of Dickinson, take a moment to pause and reflect on the wonderful experiences of your time in Carlisle. The road ahead of you is paved with such promise and possibility, and while these recent times have temporarily shifted our way of life, your connections to your classmates and your college are unwavering. Enjoy the moments ahead and know that you can tackle any challenge because of the values and lessons of a Dickinson education.

Darren Silvis 2000
Rehoboth Beach, DE


Congratulations to you all and welcome to the Dickinson alumni community!

Lauren Smith 2006
Los Angeles, CA



Congratulations Class of 2021! You made it through insurmountable challenges, and persevered. Welcome to life beyond the limestone, and to the greater Dickinson Alumni family!

Polly Terzian 2017
Washington, DC


Congratulations, members of the Class of 2021! May you have the best of luck in all your endeavors!

Frank Vitale IV 2016
Greensburg, PA


All Dickinson alumni share in your joy of the completion of the educational requirements for graduation at Dickinson. While it has been an onerous task, you and your professors did an extraordinary job in managing novel ways of learning. The hallmarks of a Dickinson education, critical evaluation of ideas as well as the learning techniques you employ will serve you well in success throughout your career and life. Know that alumni stand ready to help you as a special member of the Dickinson family. Good luck in all future endeavors.

Dale Zeigler 1977
Atlanta, GA