About One College One Community

Dickinson is more than a place to learn. It’s a community where living and learning come together, where classroom conversations spill out across the quad, reach into residence halls and reverberate around the globe.

No one knows this better than our network of 35,000 alumni, parents, students and friends. These limestone walls provide a place where important ideas are discussed and debated, where Dickinsonians challenge one another with a wide variety of perspectives.

And you know this is rare. Of all the nation’s college graduates, only 3 percent have the benefit of this kind of residential liberal-arts experience—only a select few of that small percentage can call themselves Dickinsonians.

To celebrate our distinctive community and our shared commitment to lifelong liberal-arts learning, President Nancy Roseman is launching a new initiative in the 2014-15 academic year. Each semester, One College One Community will bring together alumni, parents, faculty and current students to consider a common theme and connect through a series of stimulating events on campus and around the world.

Whether it’s alumni joining a conversation with a campus speaker through real-time Web conferencing or students and faculty members hitting the road to take classroom discussions to regional clubs, this initiative will reconnect our network with the defining characteristics of the Dickinson experience—the way many perspectives, many conversations and many dimensions come together to make us one college, one community.

One College