Let's Go Volunteer!

Thank you for your interest in volunteering remotely during the Fall 2020 semester! Please read these important updates before obtaining clearances:

The Clearances Program is currently in operation with several limitations due to COVID-19. The three clearances outlined below are still required for volunteering and the processes for the PA State Criminal clearance and the PA Child Abuse History clearance remain the same. However, there are important changes to the process of registering for and obtaining the FBI fingerprint clearance. Unfortunately, if you are located in any other state in the U.S. besides PA it will be extremely difficult to obtain the necessary clearances remotely. International students not currently residing in the U.S. are not allowed to volunteer as stated by campus policy. Therefore it is best to wait until we are on campus again to volunteer if any of these descriptions apply to you.

It you are currently located in Pennsylvania (including on campus), you must visit an approved IdentoGo fingerprint location to be fingerprinted. This should be the location closest to you or most convenient. It will not necessarily be the Bosler Memorial Library unless you are on campus. When registering for your fingerprint appointment, do not use your Dickinson address unless you are on campus.

If you are located in PA and need to be fingerprinted, CCLA will cover the cost for you. In order for us to do this, you must contact Angelica Mishra at cclaclearances@dickinson.edu in advance of starting the online registration process to receive an authorization code. After you receive an email confirmation of your registration, you must forward it to Meta Bowman at bowmanm@dickinson.edu. We strongly suggest calling your chosen fingerprint location ahead of time to determine what their COVID-19 protocols are so you are properly informed.

Please feel free to contact Angelica Mishra at cclaclearances@dickinson.edu with any questions. We apologize for any inconvenience!

Thank you for expressing interest in volunteering at Dickinson! Anyone who wishes to volunteer while at Dickinson must complete the required 3 background clearances mandated by Pennsylvania Act 153 when working with minors in any capacity. Even if the volunteer program you are interested in does not work with children, you are required to complete these clearances. They are the PA State Criminal Clearance, the PA Child Abuse Clearance, and a Federal Criminal History Record/FBI Fingerprinting check. Follow these step by step instructions to obtain all 3 clearances and be ready to volunteer! Clearances are good for 5 years. Please retain them for your records throughout your time at Dickinson. CCLA will not pay for duplicate clearance requests. 

Information you will need for each clearance: 

PA State Criminal Clearance PA Child Abuse Clearance Federal Criminal History Record/FBI Fingerprinting Check
Standard contact information (name and email) Standard contact information Standard contact information
Social Security Number (SSN)* SSN* Service code: 1KG6ZJ
  Current address Citizenship information
  Dickinson address** Authorization code for payment (given to you by CCLA)
  List of previous addresses you have lived since 1975 Physical personal information: height, weight, hair color, eye color, gender, race, ethnicity
  List of people you have lived with since 1975 (name, age, relationship) Dickinson address**

*Having your SSN will speed up the process of obtaining clearances.

**Your Dickinson address will be entered as such:

Dickinson College HUB (your HUB #)
28 N. College St.
Carlisle, PA, 17013
The county is Cumberland County.

Overall Process Instructions:

Before you begin, open your Dickinson email in a separate window. You will need this for email confirmations and links to set up accounts.

You will have to obtain all 3 clearances separately. Detailed instructions for each one are available at the links below. All 3 clearances must be completed in order to volunteer.

To complete the PA State Criminal Clearance, request a record check on yourself and enter your contact information. Results typically happen quickly and will be available to check through email. There is no fee for this clearance.

To complete the PA Child Abuse Clearance, you will need to create a Keystone Key account that you will access your clearances from. Once you create the account, you can enter all the required information and view the results within a few days. The fee for this clearance is waived for volunteers.

To complete the Federal Criminal History Record/FBI Fingerprinting Check, you will need to pre-register with the company that provides the fingerprinting services at Bosler Memorial Library. Once you pre-register and make an appointment, you will go to the library directly adjacent to campus and get fingerprinted, which only takes about 10 minutes. Your results will come in the mail within 2 or 3 weeks. The fee for this clearance will be covered by the Center for Civic Learning & Action (CCLA) if you make an appointment to fill out the clearances at our office (239 W. Louther behind Stern) or you attend an event with us. 

**If you have lived in PA continuously for the past 10 years, you do not have to complete the FBI Fingerprinting Check. Instead, you must fill out this form: http://keepkidssafe.pa.gov/cs/groups/webcontent/documents/document/c_160267.pdf.

Once you have copies of each of the 3 clearances, you are set to go! Make sure you show your clearances to the organization you are volunteering with; some of them require you to renew your FBI clearance each year. If you have any questions or concerns, contact CCLA at engage@dickinson.edu.