Protecting Our Community

Protecting Our Community is a comprehensive program designed to support a positive working environment. This educational program assists all employees with recognizing and addressing potential harassing and discriminating workplace behavior.  The program involves a combination of facilitator-led and online modules to provide a comprehensive approach to ensuring that all employees receive the information necessary to recognize, address and support a harassment and discrimination free workplace.

New employees are required to complete two online modules – Workplace Harassment Fundamentals and Mosaic: Prevent Sexual Violence Together – and attend the facilitator-led Protecting Our Community within the first year of employment. This program outlines Dickinson College’s expectations and identifies the procedures for reporting issues of workplace harassment and discrimination along with our commitment to the protection of minors.

Staff and Faculty are required to complete the two online modules – Mosaic: Prevent Discrimination and Harassment and Mosaic: Prevent Sexual Violence Together or attend our facilitator-led Protecting Our Community– once every two years.

All Dickinson employees have two sets of commitments:

  • A right to be free from harassment and discrimination in employment and education.
  • Duty to refrain from harassment and discrimination in employment and education.
Updated September 1, 2018


Understanding FERPA
(Family Education Rights and Privacy Act)

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of students with respect to information maintained in their education records. Faculty and staff are confronted with student concerns that go well beyond the academic or residential domain.  Anyone who works directly with students - including faculty, academic department coordinators, or administrative support employees – should attend this program.  The program addresses the following: What is an “education record”? What is “confidential information”? What information can be shared? Under what circumstances can you share information and with whom?

Come learn about FERPA and how to meet your responsibilities and best serve our student community.


Employment Compliance

The facilitator-led session provides employees with an understanding of the major legislative acts impacting the workplace.  Participants will be able to demonstrate the knowledge and ability to adhere to appropriate regulatory requirements.  Recent employment regulatory compliance changes will be highlighted and a brief review of recent HR policy revisions related to these regulatory changes will also be discussed.  

Possessing an understanding of our employment regulatory landscape will allow our employees to feel more comfortable and confident in their daily interactions with their colleagues.



Dickinson College is committed to providing a supportive working environment for all employees with adhering to federal, state, and local regulations. As part of this effort, we have revised our training approach to further increase the awareness of workplace harassment at the college while adhering to our obligation to provide a hostile-free work environment for all Dickinson employees and students.