Standardized Testing

Standardized tests are just one of the many aspects of your application that we’ll consider as we get to know you and assess your “fit” with Dickinson, but we’ve found that students and families have a number of questions about this one part of the application process. The following information is meant to help you address your questions about standardized test scores. If you have questions about this or any other part of the application, contact your regional admissions counselor or e-mail us at We’re always here to help.

Test-Optional Policy

Dickinson's long-standing test-optional policy provides you with a choice regarding the submission of standardized test scores. While many colleges and universities have only recently joined the test-optional movement, Dickinson has made the submission of SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) or ACT scores optional for admission since 1996. This policy was designed for students who have demonstrated strong abilities in the classroom and who do not believe their standardized test scores accurately reflect their abilities. If you choose not to submit test scores, you must indicate so on the Dickinson members page of the Common Application. Test score submission is required for all international students applying for admission.

Redesigned SAT

For those who choose to submit the SAT, we will consider "old" and/or "new" SAT scores and we will not require the essay portion of the redesigned SAT. For the student who submits multiple "old" SAT scores, we will work with the highest critical reading and math scores from among those "old" SATs. For those submitting multiple "new" SAT scores, we will review the highest evidence based reading and writing and math scores. We will continue to super score the ACT as well.

Score Submission

If you choose to submit standardized test scores, Dickinson accepts either the results from the SAT or the ACT.

To support access and reduce the cost of submitting a college application, Dickinson College will accept self-reported standardized test scores beginning with the fall 2018 application cycle. We hope that this policy removes a potential barrier for students interested in seeking admission to Dickinson.

Students wishing to submit scores—our test-optional policy remains unchanged—may self-report those scores on the Common Application. Should these students ultimately enroll at Dickinson, they will be required to submit official test scores from the respective testing agencies or a school official. Official scores will be reviewed to assure that there is no discrepancy between the self-reported and actual test scores; discrepancies could jeopardize a student’s enrollment. Students who choose not to submit test scores for consideration during the admission process will be asked to submit test scores after they enroll for data collection purposes only. 

In reviewing SAT scores, primary consideration is given to the evidence based reading & writing and math portions of the test. For the ACT, the composite score is given the most weight. 

SAT Score Range (Enrolled Students)
Middle 50%: 1280-1430 (evidence based reading & writing and math)

ACT Score Range (Enrolled Students)
Middle 50%: 28-32 (composite)

SAT II (Subject Test) scores are not required for admission to Dickinson although applicants may submit these scores as additional information in support of their application.

To submit standardized test results, the following codes should be used:

  • SAT – 2186
  • ACT -  3550