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Standardized Testing Information

Standardized Testing

The following information is meant to address your questions about standardized test scores. If you have questions about this or any other part of the application, contact your regional admissions counselor or e-mail us at We’re always here to help!

Test-Optional Policy

Dickinson's test-optional policy provides students with a choice regarding the submission of standardized test scores. While many colleges and universities have only recently joined the test-optional movement, Dickinson made the submission of SAT or ACT scores optional for admission in 1994. This policy was designed for students who have demonstrated strong abilities in the classroom and who do not believe their standardized test scores accurately reflect their abilities. 

Score Submission

SAT Score Range (Enrolled Students)
Middle 50%: 1280-1430 (evidence based reading & writing and math)

ACT Score Range (Enrolled Students)
Middle 50%: 28-32 (composite)

Dickinson's standardized test codes are:

  • SAT: 2186
  • ACT: 3550