Implementing Academic Accommodations

To start: Follow the first three steps for Disclosing and Documenting a Disability. Students will have an intake conversation with an ADS staff member (typically in June) to discuss the accommodations for which you are eligible.

Note that all information shared with the Access and Disability Services (ADS) is kept confidential and is not shared with any other office or individuals without the student’s explicit permission. Furthermore, ADS does not notify professors of students' eligibility for accommodations. Students are provided Accommodation Letters electronically (that only contain information about accommodations) to forward to their professors if they so choose.

Once you've had your intake conversation and learned of the academic accommodations for which you will be eligible, here are the steps for putting your accommodations in place:

1.  Check your Dickinson email about two weeks before the semester starts. ADS will provide you with information about participating in a necessary orientation session. We will also email you instructions for how to inform your professors of your eligibility for accommodations and to schedule meetings with them to discuss the implementation of your accommodations.

        You may find it useful to refer to this Guidance on Emailing and Meeting with Professors.

2. Customize the email template that ADS sends you and email your professors to schedule accommodation meetings with them

3. Following these Access Plan guidelines, disclose to faculty your accommodation intentions for each class. 

4. Meet with each of your professors to go over the Access Plan and the accommodations you intend to use for that class. Be sure to discuss and arrange for any proctoring needed. 

        Here are some tips for discussing accommodations with professors.

5. Reach out if you need to! If you ever have questions or concerns about your accommodations, speak up! ADS is here to support you and your accommodation needs.