If you are a student with a chronic medical condition which may have an impact on your academic functioning (such as note-taking, sitting for sustained periods of time, or possibly class attendance), you should follow the procedures for Disclosing and Documenting a Disability. Even if you are not requesting any academic accommodations, completion of this process will serve as your disclosure of your condition, in the event that any complications arise down the road.

When you complete our online disclosure form, you will also notice that it contains an option for a “Medical condition notification” to be sent to your professors. Here you’ll have the ability to indicate what you might like your professors to know about your condition, including how it might impact you in class. Marni Jones, Dean and Director of Access and Disability Services, will work with you on crafting an email that she would send to each professor whose name you give her, and she can assist you if any additional supports are needed in the academic environment.