Stream restoration

While ALLARM's volunteer monitoring programs extend through Pennsylvania and beyond, we also work on many projects throughout our hometown of Carlisle and on Dickinson's campus.


ALLARM works to prevent stormwater pollution to our local streams through storm drain markings and the Adopt a Storm Drain campaign

Youth Education

Our Watershed Coordinators teach environmental education classes to local schools and youth-based organizations on a variety of environmental science topics.

Stream Restoration

Over 450 native trees have been planted at the stream restoration site along the Yellow Breeches Stream near the Dickinson Farm, in order to help reduce stream bank erosion and lessen nutrient and pollution runoff into the stream.

LeTort Monitoring

ALLARM has monitored Dickinson's closest stream that runs through Carlisle, the LeTort Spring Run, since 1996.

Dickinson Campus Collaborations

ALLARM collaborates with Dickinson faculty and staff to enrich student experiences with community-based environmental opportunities and further the work of our students and organization. Email us or stop by our offices in Kaufman if you are interested!