The Writing Program celebrates the achievements of student writers through the First-Year Seminar Excellence in Writing Awards.

In the fall, the Writing Program invites First-Year Seminar students to submit their best essays to the awards competition. The essays can be of any length, in any genre, and for any FYS course. Each submission should include a cover sheet with the title of the essay, the name of the student, the number and name of the FYS course, and the name of the FYS instructor. Students can submit these electronically to the Writing Program at or drop them off at the Norman M. Eberly Writing Center, located on the Main Floor of the library.  Early in the spring semester, the winners receive a certificate and a monetary award at a special reception sponsored by the Waidner-Spahr Library.

Winner from the Class of 2022

Winners from the Class of 2021

Winners from the Class of 2020

Winners from the Class of 2019