Ph.D. English, Temple University

M.A. English, Temple University

B.A. English, The College of St. Elizabeth, New Jersey


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In my faculty development work, I have facilitated the following workshops:

Adapting the Writing Program Rubric to Your Classes

Creating Effective Writing Assignments

Creating Effective Writing Assignments for Foreign Language Courses                   

First-Year Writers and Writing Pedagogy: A Workshop for New Faculty                                             

How Learning Works: A Summer Study Group on Learning and Assessment

Prompting Writer Re-vision

Responding to Student Writing 

Sequencing Writing Assignments      

Teaching the First-Year Seminar 

Teaching the Writing in the Discipline

When Writing Prompts Lead to Paralysis: A Conversation with Writing Center Tutors                      

The Writing Program Assessment Model: A Workshop for Division III Faculty                                                                                                                                                           


Consultant, Akita International University-Japan

Workshop Facilitator, The College of New Jersey

Writing Program Consultant, Franklin & Marshall College

Workshop Facilitator, Messiah College

External Reviewer, Lebanon Valley College

External Reviewer, Juniata College


"Building a Bridge from High School Writing to First-year Writing to Writing in the Major," Messiah College, Pennsylvania 2019.

“Writing Associates and the Question of Authority,” DePauw University, Indiana, 2019

“Working with Writers: Learning Principles and Best Practices,” Central Pennsylvania Consortium New Faculty Colloquium, 2019

“Supporting Multilingual Writing Communities at Liberal Arts Colleges,” DePauw University, Indiana, 2018

“First-Year Seminar Habits of Mind: Writing, Reading and Information Literacy,” Faculty Retreat, Akita International University, Akita, Japan, 2017 

“Second Language Writers, the Problem with Google Translate, and the Importance of Composing,” The Penn State University Learning Center Director’s Retreat,” Pennsylvania, 2017

“Martinson Award Acceptance Speech,” Small Liberal Arts College-Writing Program Administrators Conference, Tennessee, 2016


Southern Discourse in the Center

Writing Center Journal

Western American Literature

Writing Lab Newsletter

College Literature

Ohio University Press


Conference on College Composition and Communication Writing Program Certificate of Excellence, 2018

International Writing Center Association Research Grant, 2017

Martinson Award of Excellence in Writing Program Administration, SLAC-WPA, 2016

Certificate of Appreciation, U.S. Army, 2011

Outstanding Academic Book, Choice Award for West of the Border: The Multicultural Literature of the Western American Frontiers, 2002.