Study Abroad

Students in Art & Art History have the opportunity to study abroad at Dickinson programs, or partner programs, in Rome, Florence, Toulouse, Norwich, Bremen, and Bologna. It is importnat to consult with your advisor during sophmore year to determine the program that will work best for you. Studio art students are highly encouraged to study at the Temple University program in Rome, Italy.  

Temple Rome

Temple University, Tyler School of Art's Rome, Italy campus is an official partner program of Dickinson College in studio art and is the recommended study abroad option for studio students. The Rome campus is well established, now in existence for over 50 years. Many of the faculty have been in Rome for an extended time and have strong connections to artists and galleries in the city, which provides a rarified student experience. There are also visiting faculty from the Philadelphia campus. Many courses take advantage of the city's rich history, such as the Rome Skethbook class, in which students work on location at the many significant historical sites throughout the city. No prior Italian language experience is necessary as a course in Italian is required while in Rome. 

  • Courses are offered in book structures, digital and darkroom photography, printmaking, painting (including fresco), drawing, and sculpture. 
  • Studio space and specialized equipment are available to students in and outside of scheduled class time.
  • Sculpture facilities include equipment for work in a variety of methods and materials, including plaster casting, clay and wax modeling, and concrete fabricating process.
  • The photography area includes a digital lab and a darkroom for developing black and white prints.
  • Students also have the opportunity to take courses in art history. 

Syracuse University In Florence

The program of Syracuse University in Florence is one of the most well-established and successful foreign study programs in the country for the study of art history and architectural design. Dickinson majors in art history and studio art have studied for a semester or full year at Syracuse in Florence for the past fifteen years, and some have gone on to complete M.A. degrees there after graduation. A full range of art history courses are offered in English by leading scholars in the field, and students typically live with Italian host families. A prior knowledge of Italian is not necessary. The Art & Art History department also has a formal affiliation with Syracuse in Florence which entitles all accepted Dickinson students an automatic $1,000 tuition deduction. The pre-architecture program requires a studio portfolio for admission.

Dickinson At East Anglia

Students majoring in art history can pursue their studies at the University of East Anglia, Norwich England for a full year. East Anglia offers a complete curriculum in art history, from introductory-level courses through advanced, upper-level topics courses. Museum studies also comprise a significant part of the curriculum, and Dickinson students have the opportunity to take these courses as well. Dickinson students who complete a successful year at East Anglia, now have the option of pursuing a Masters degree there upon their graduation from Dickinson.

Dickinson In Toulouse

Students who study abroad in Toulouse may have the opportunity to take courses in studio art or art history. This usually requires pre-planning and students should work with their advisor to determine the possibities. 

Summer Studio Program: For many years there was a summer studio art program in painting and drawing offered in Toulouse. While offered less frequently, this program still runs on occasion. 

Dickinson in Bologna

The Dickinson program in Bologna is one of the oldest in our Global Education Program. Recently, we have expanded and developed the program to take advantage of the rich possibilities for art history majors to study in their area of concentration in one of the richest cultural cities in Italy. Art history majors can take courses at the prestigious University of Bologna. A basic competency in Italian is necessary. Students interested in attending the program in Bologna are encouraged to take Italian prior to their junior year.