The Department of Art & Art History offer many events throughout the academic year, including artist lectures, art historical talks, exhibition opening receptions, Artist Residencies and Visiting Artists events.

Dickinson Arts Award



Sue Coe, 2013


Jane L. and Robert H. Weiner Lectures in the Fine Arts


Michael Fried, Art Historian, Fall 2012, "What is going on in Jacques-Louis David's "Sappho and Phaon?"


James Elkins, Art Historian, Fall 2009, "What is an Image?"

James Elkins Poster for Weiner Lecture, Fall 2009

James Elkins Poster for Weiner Lecture, Fall 2009


Art History Lectures

Alexis Boylan, Professor of Art History, UCONN, Spring 2013, "Man on the Street: Rethinking the Ashcan School, Gender and Modernity"  


Alex Boylan lecture poster for Man on the Street

Poster for Man on the Street

Artist Residencies and Visiting Artists


Rena Leinberger and Juanli Carrion, Common Contexts, Spring 2013


Art Spiegelman: Comix 101.1, Artist, Illustrator and Author, Spring 2010


Clark Forum Poster for Art Spiegelman

Li Chao, Ceramicist, Jingdezhen, China, Fall 2009 



Other Examples of Previous Events



Weiner Lectures


  • Joanne Greenbaum, Painter, Spring 2011
  • James Elkins, Art Historian, Fall 2009 
  • Anthony Goicolea, Artist, Spring 2009 
  • Garth Clark, Art Critic 2008 
  • Dennis Congdon, Artist/Painter 2006 
  • Keiko Hiratsuka Moore, Japanese Printmaker, 2005 
  • Wosene Kosrof, Artist/Painter, 2004 
  • A.D. Coleman, 2002 
  • Eleanor Heartney, Art Critic, 2001 
  • Debra Singer, 2000 
  • Masami Teraoka, Artist, October 1999 
  • Grace Hartigan, Artist, Spring 1998 
  • Peter Selz, Art Historian, 1997 
  • Betty Woodman, Ceramicist, 1997 
  • Janet Koplos, Art Critic, 1996 
  • Robert Storr, Curator, 1995 
  • Emmet Gowin, Photographer, 1994 
  • Janet Fish, Artist/Painter, 1993 
  • Jorge Silvetti, Architect, 1992 
  • Charles Simonds, Fall 1991 
  • Neil Welliver, Artist, Spring 1989 
  • Donald Kuspit, Art Critic, Fall 1987 
  • Duane Michals, Photographer, 1986 (1st Weiner Lecture)

Art History Lectures


  • "Giulio Casserio's Early 17th-Century Medical and Anatomical Treatises: Realism and Artistic Imagery", Elisabetta Cunsolo, Professor of Art History, Bologna Italy, April 2009
  • "Dynasty and Destiny in an Architectural Context--The Augustan Experiment and the Hadrianic Effect", John Pollini, Professor of Art History and History, University of Southern California, March 2008 
  • "Memorial Mania--Issues of Commemoration and Affect in Contemporary America", Erika Doss, Professor and Chair of the Department of American Studies, University of Notre Dame, March 2008 
  • "Ferrara: Art in an Italian Court Between the Late Gothic and Renaissance", Fabrizio Lollini, Professor of Art History, University of Bologna & Dickinson Center, Bologna Italy, Fall 2007 
  • "Perspective in the Renaissance", Pietro Roccasecca, Fall 2005 
  • "The Face of the Christ", Gary Vikan, Directory, The Walters Museum of Art, Baltimore, Fall 2005 
  • "Writing a Biography of Michelangelo", William E. Wallace, Spring 2005


Visiting Artists


  • William Holton, Artist, Spring, 2011
  • Li Chao, Ceramic Sculptor, Fall, 2009
  • Kristopher Benedict, Artist, Spring 2009
  • Mark Warwick, Ceramist, Spring 2005
  • Carlo Mauro, Accademia di Belle Arti, Bologna, Italy, Fall 2004
  • Doriana Chiarini, Accadamia di Belle Arti, Bologna, Italy, Fall 2004
  • Jackson Li, Ceramist, Jingdezhen, China, 2004 


Artist Residencies


  • William Holton, Spring, 2011
  • Li Chao, Jingdezhen, China, Fall 2009 
  • Kristopher Benedict, Brooklyn, NY, Spring 2009 
  • Carlo Mauro & Doriana Chiarini, Accademia di Belle Arti, Bologna, Italy, Fall 2004 
  • Jackson Li, Jingdezhen, China, Spring 2004