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Archaeological Institute of America

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Lecture by Dr. Catherine Baker, Old Pots and New Drains

Archaeological Institute of America

Dickinson College is home to the South Pennsylvania Society chapter of the Archaeological Institute of America, and with the support of the AIA, will host a lecture for the 2022-23 semester.
The lecture is free.

2022-23 Lecture Schedule:

Thursday, October 6, 2022 - in person - Dickinson College, Denny Hall #317 -- 6:30pm

"Old Pots and New Drains:  Changing Approaches to Waste and Wastewater in a Pompeian Neighborhood"
Lecturer:  Dr. Catherine K. Baker
Visiting Lecturer Mount Holyoke College
Department of Classics and Italian

Infrastructure connected with the removal of wastewater forms an important, yet often overlooked, element of the urban landscape.  This talk explores how approaches to wastewater infrastructure in the Roman city of Pompeii changed over time, shifting from undergound soak-away systems, made from reused pots, to underground drains.  Through an examination of these different types of wastewater removal systems in Pompeii, particularly those recently excavated by University of Cincinnati's project in the non-elite Porta Stabia neighborhood, we trace how choices and changes in wastewater removal and technology were closely tied with the wider needs, economic and material resources, and even political circumstances of the city and its residents.

Short bibliography and/or website on lecture topic (for the lay reader):

This lecture is presented for a mixed audience of professionals, students, and laypersons.