A-Level - British System Advanced Level Credit

Students who obtain grades of A or B on a British System Advanced level ("A-level") exam will be granted credit for college work in the appropriate department and will receive placement at the discretion of the department. Submit syllabi and course material to the appropriate department for review.  The Department will inform the Registrar’s Office if specific credit is to be awarded.

Test Level Taken  Score Credit
 Chemistry  Advanced Level  A or B  CHEM 131, 132
 Economics  Advanced Level  A or B  ECON 111, 112
 French  Advanced Level  A or B  GNCR 000**
 Math  Advanced Level  A or B  GNCR 000*

*Placement into MATH 170.

**Students who receive an A on the A-Level French exam will place in FREN 230 and fulfill the language requirement. Student who earn the grade of B must complete the placement exam.