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Advanced Credit

International Baccalaureate

Students who have taken International Baccalaureate courses will be granted general college credit for higher level IB exams in which they achieve grades of 5 or better. The Registrar can review credits for fulfillment of graduation requirements. Placement and credit in specific majors will be granted at the discretion of the appropriate departments.

Test Level Taken Score Credit
 Business and Management  Must be HL  5 or better  INBM 100
 Biology  Must be HL  5 or better  GNCR 0001
 Economics  Must be HL  5 or better  ECON 111, 112 and 1 ECON 200-level course
 English  Must be HL  5 or better  ENGL 101
 French  Must be HL  5 or better  GNCR 0002
 History  Must be HL  5 or better  HIST 0003
 Math  Must be HL4  5 or better  MATH 170
 Psychology  Must be HL  5 or better   PSYC 185

1This course will fulfill the Laboratory Science requirement.

2Students must complete the Dickinson French placement exam.  This fulfills the language requirement.

3This course may fulfill the Global Diversity requirement depending on the topic, however it will not fulfill any requirement for the History Major.

4Students who have taken the IB SL exam in Mathematics and score a 5 or better will place into MATH 170.  There will not be any credit earned.