For any employee to be paid, the following forms must be completed in their entirety and returned to Human Resource Services by the date requested in your welcome email. Any forms not turned in or returned incomplete may result in a delay in your first pay check.

Forms should be printed, completed, and returned by one of the following methods:  fax (717-245-1785), email (, postal mail (Human Resource Services, Dickinson College, PO Box 1773, Carlisle, PA  17013) or in person (55 N West St, Carlisle).

  • I-9  - This form is required by the Department of Homeland Security, US Citizenship and Immigration Services to verify the identity and employment authorization of individuals hired for employment in the United States.  Section 1 MUST be completed no later than the first day of employment.  A new employee MUST come to Human Resource Services within the first three days of their employment with identification from either List A OR List B AND C so that Section 2 may be completed at that time.  There is also a paper copy of the I9 form to print and complete instead of using the online fillable version.  Please review the instructions for completing the form.
  • Certificate of Residency  - Employers in PA are required to withhold applicable earned income tax from employees.  We need to know what township/municipality/school district you live in so that your local income tax can be distributed to the correct taxing authorities. Employers are required  to deduct the greater of either your resident tax (where you live) OR the employee's nonresident tax (where you work).  You will need to know the 6-digit Political SubDivision Code (PSD) that is used to identify the municipalities and school districts for each tax collection district.
  • Local Services Tax  - People employed in the state of Pennsylvania are required to pay a maximum $52 Local Services Tax. This tax may be used for police, fire or emergency services; road construction or maintenance; or for the reduction of property taxes.  Each municipality sets their own rate, between $10 and $52.  No person will pay  more than $52 in any calendar year, regardless of how many Pennsylvania employers they have.  Dickinson College's LST is $52.  If you pay an LST of $10 and transfer to a municipality where the rate is higher, you will have to pay the difference.
  • W-4  - This form is used for federal tax purposes.  It can be changed at any time by filling out a new form in either the Payroll Office or Human Resource Services.  Please use your permanent address on this form as your W-2 will be sent in January to the address listed on your W-4.