Photograph of a class in sessionWhat is a teaching project?:

Although normal pedagogic and curricular development is expected of those who teach at the College, R&D supports projects to enhance teaching that require more resources than normally available. For example: teaching projects incorporating technology, departmental and interdisciplinary curriculum changes, or new curriculum initiatives. These projects are typically awarded to an individual faculty member.

What criteria are used to determine funding?:

The project must address a significant pedagogic or curricular issue. Proposals should be for the design of pivotal courses which move the department or program in a fundamentally different direction or employ a radically different pedagogy. The project should be well above and beyond normal course development expectations. Finally, R&D looks to the ancestry of the project. The applicant's previous history of grant applications should indicate the ability to accomplish what was promised, to use awarded funds prudently, and to file final reports as required.

You are strongly encouraged to apply for external (non-Dickinson) funding for all R&D projects. Please contact the Corporate, Foundation and Government Support Office for more information.

How are these projects supported?:

There are a number of ways R&D supports pedagogic development, depending on the scope of the project. Project expenses are limited to $1,000 per semester.  (If a project involves multiple faculty members and is multi-disciplinary, it is appropriate to request funding for a Study Group.)

Are other committees involved in the approval of teaching projects?

When evaluating teaching projects, R&D seeks the comments of the Academic Program Committee. APSC comments on the curricular or pedagogic promise of the project and whether the intended outcome will benefit the college and enhance the curriculum. These should be addressed in your proposal narrative.

We have prepared this helpful template for your convenience, teaching project proposal template.

Please be sure to check for application deadlines.

To apply, please submit your coversheet/application and your narrative or your completed proposal template.

For instructions on reporting, please visit Expense Reporting and Narrative Reports.

Resources to support this activity are also available at:

Sustainability Education Funding