Globally Integrated Semester FAQs

How do I apply? 

The CGSE will open the application on your behalf.  In order to apply, please email with your name and program and we will open the application for you.  

What if I already have applied and been accepted to spring study abroad? 

If you applied to a spring study abroad program, please email with your name and program and we will open the GIS application for you. Most application elements will be copied from your previous application, but there are some new application questions that you will need to complete.  

What if I already have applied and been accepted to one Dickinson program but want to apply to a GIS program in a different country?  

Each GIS program has been designed to correlate with students’ spring intentions and needs, so it is most likely that your original location will work best for your degree requirements and your goals.  However, if you do want to switch and apply to a different country’s program, you may do that as long as you meet the program’s requirements.  

NOTE: Some programs have a language requirement, so make sure you read through the program information before selecting a program.  

What if I applied to a partner program for spring 2021? 

Students who applied to a partner program are welcome to apply to any Globally Integrated Semester program that interests them. Please note that some courses have pre-requisites, so check to make sure you meet the requirements before applying.  

When is the application deadline? 

The application deadline has been extended to Tuesday, December 15, 2020

If I do the GIS can I also study abroad during a future semester? 

Yes, students can do GIS and study abroad during a later semester. Students should work closely with their academic advisors to make a plan to ensure the programs work with their major and graduation requirements.  

Can I apply for GIS if I am a first-year, sophomore or senior? 

Sophomores and juniors can apply for GIS. Juniors will be given priority. 

Current first-years and seniors can apply on a case by case basis. Interested first years and seniors should reach out to the program advisors for more information. 

If I am a junior, can I do GIS and still study abroad the fall of my senior year? 

Yes, students can do GIS and study abroad during a later semester. We have also been working with academic departments so that the class of 2022 may have the flexibility to go abroad during the fall of their senior year. You may have already heard from your academic department directly addressing this matter. If you have questions about the possibility of studying abroad during the fall or spring of your senior year, you are encouraged to speak with your academic advisor(s). 

Is there an additional expense for doing a GIS? 

Yes. Students will be charged a fee of $2900 for these programs for the travel portion which will be the same across all programs. The costs of the course credits are wrapped into spring tuition. Students will also be responsible for airfare to the program site and any personal expenses.  

Can I get financial aid for a GIS program? 

Yes, students who are eligible for financial aid will receive some level of aid based on their need. In order to be considered for aid, students must complete the application by the deadline date, December 15, 2020 and select that they want to be considered for aid. Students who are eligible for financial aid will receive consideration for Stabler Scholarship and student loan assistance based on their need.  Additional information can be found here.

If I have already participated in a short-term study abroad program (summer, globally integrated or Mosaic) will I still be eligible for financial aid?

Yes, as long as you are eligible for financial aid you can receive aid for the GIS.

Will I be able to receive aid for a future short-term study abroad program (summer, globally integrated or Mosaic) if I receive aid for a GIS?

Yes, as long as you are eligible for financial aid you can receive aid for a future short-term study abroad experience.

What if it is still not safe to travel at the end of the semester?  Will I still get credit? 

Dickinson will continue to monitor what impact COVID-19 might have on the travel component of the GIS programs. If travel is not possible students will still receive 1 credit for the semester-long course. 

If the travel portion is canceled, will I get my fee refunded? 

Yes, if Dickinson cancels the travel portion for the GIS program, you will get the program fee corresponding to the travel portion back. Since the tuition is wrapped into the spring semester, students will not receive a tuition refund for the semester coursework if the travel portion is canceled.  

What if I want to study abroad over the summer instead? 

Dickinson is planning to run several summer programs in addition to the GIS. Information about the upcoming summer programs is available on the CGSE website.  Additionally, many of our partner programs will be running study abroad programs over the summer and with prior approval you may be able to transfer those credits back to Dickinson. 

Can I take more than one globally integrated course? 

Yes BUT - since the travel portion for all GIS programs will take place at the same time -, students may be able to enroll in more than one GIS semester-long course but will need to pick which of the two GIS courses they want to continue abroad.  

Can I study abroad the last semester of my senior year? 

Students must receive special permission to study abroad during the last semester of their senior year by submitting a brief petition to the CGSE.  Please contact your academic advisor and Katie DeGuzman, Dean and Director of Education Abroad: to find out more about this process. 

How many credits will I get for the entire Globally Integrated Course sequence (semester-long + 3-week travel course)? 

If students complete entire course sequence, they will get 1.5 credits and 1 grade for both the semester-long + 3-week travel course. Student course grades will not be posted until after the 3-week travel portion. 

What are the dates for the travel portion of a Globally Integrated Course?  

The travel portion of GIS will start directly after the end of the Spring 2021 semester.  All programs will run at approximately the same time.  

Will my grade for the Globally Integrated Course be calculated in my GPA? 

Yes, all courses are Dickinson courses and will count into your Dickinson GPA. 

I still have questions. Whom should I contact? 

We encourage you to make an appointment with an advisor in the CGSE. Make an appointment.  


Last Updated 12.01.20