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International Scholars

Health Insurance for Visiting Scholars

Health insurance in the United States may be much different from the health insurance available in your country. Generally speaking, basic health insurance in the US does not include vision and dental coverage; vision and dental are separate insurance plans that people need to enroll in.

The Dickinson insurance is a basic insurance coverage that you will have for the duration of your program at the College. Basic insurance means that it covers ACCIDENT and ILLNESS only.  There is no vision or dental coverage, and “preventative” procedures are also not covered, as the Dickinson insurance is intended to cover you if you are seriously ill or in an accident.

If you have routine medical procedures or need a maintenance procedure, you will want to do this in your home country before you leave for the US.  Those types of procedures are not covered under the Dickinson insurance and will be very expense to you without special insurance coverage.

In your pre-arrival packet that was mailed to you and/or your orientation materials when you arrived, there is a booklet by NAFSA on health insurance in the United States.  Please consult this brochure for more information on the health insurance process and system here in the US.

Reminder: always keep your insurance card with you in your wallet!

Common Insurance Terms:

  • In-Network – services are provided by a physician or clinics that are contracted with United Healthcare
  • Out-of-Network – service are provided by a physician or clinic that are not contracted with United Healthcare
  • Deductible or Co-Pay –  the amount of money you pay for the services provided
  • Usual & Customary – means a reasonable charge for the services provided

Common Issues:

  • Emergency Room Treatments for non-emergency issues
    • You pay higher deductible or co-pays
  • Out-of-Network Providers
    • You pay higher deductibles and co-pays

Highlights of Your Insurance Coverage

Insurance Company: United Healthcare

  • Up to $75,000 per Injury or Sickness for covered medical expenses
  • Not preventative care
  • 100% of medical expense - in network
  • 80% of medical expense - out of network
  • Prescription Drug Benefits
  • Expect to pay $20-$30  
  • Scholastic Emergency Services
  • Nurse-Line
  • Health Advocate

Get Assistance!


(866) 409-1859 available 24 hours a day – 7 days a week

Assists you to determine if:

  • You need to seek medical care
  • Understand your medications
  • Understand any medical procedures
  • Learn ways to stay healthy

Scholastic Emergency Services

    Global Emergency medical assistance when traveling 100 miles or more from your campus address or permanent home address
    Worldwide coverage with the exception of your home country

Health Advocate

  • Understand your benefit plan provisions & features
  • Untangle insurance claims
  • Find qualified doctors & hospitals
  • Schedule appointments for you with doctors’ offices
  • No limit  - no cost for services

  • Summary of benefits
  • Find a physician or hospital
  • Find a pharmacy
  • File claim
  • Check claim status
  • Print replacement ID cards
  • Travel Assistance
  • Health Zone

Pharmacy Network

  • Medco – National Network
  • Most Common Participating Pharmacies in Carlisle
  • CVS
  • Eckerd
  • Rite Aid
  • – provides search engine to locate other pharmacy providers