Let's Go Volunteer!

Volunteering is a great way to explore life beyond the limestone walls of Dickinson’s campus! The Center for Service, Spirituality, and Social Justice is proud to have over 20 service partnerships and programs in the Carlisle community and surrounding area. Because many programs involve working with children and other vulnerable populations, all Dickinson volunteers are required to complete background checks.

By Pennsylvania law (PA Act 153), all volunteers must complete three volunteer clearances:

  1. Criminal background check
  2. Child abuse clearance
  3. FBI fingerprint clearances

Volunteer clearances are done at no cost to students and are valid for 5 years from the effective date. HOWEVER:

  • Due to a new contract between the state of Pennsylvania and fingerprinting services, fingerprinting can no longer be done on campus. Fingerprinting can be done just off campus at the Bosler Library in downtown Carlisle on the corner of West High Street and South West Street.
  • Some volunteer programs require clearances that were completed within one calendar year from the started volunteer date. Depending on your program, you may have to complete your clearances again every year.

Note: Students with a paid Dickinson position on campus or at an approved paid Dickinson community Service partner MUST obtain their Act 153 clearances through the Student Employment Office.  Please contact stuemp@dickinson.edu.

Complete Background Clearances

See the section below to determine which form to complete.

The “Need All Clearances” form will request information for all three clearances. The “Need FBI Fingerprints Only” form will request only the information needed for the FBI clearance. Please use the information below to determine which form to complete.

button that says Need All Clearances

button that says Need FBI Fingerprints Only

button that says Request My Clearances.  When clicked it opens an email to csss@dickinson.edu

To Determine Which Form to Complete:

Visit your Gateway (link to gateway) and click on the “Students” tab on the sidebar. You will see an a box that shows the status of your volunteer clearances.

Gateway Legend:

Green Light – Your clearances are OK  and were obtained within one calendar year
Yellow Light –  Your clearances are valid; however, it has been more than one calendar year since they were obtained.  Please check with your program to determine whether or not you should complete the forms again.
Red Light – No clearance or expired clearance
  • If two or more clearances have a red or yellow light, please click the “Need All Clearances” button below on the left.
  • If only FBI Finger Print Clearances have a red or yellow light, please click the “Need FBI fingerprints only” button below in the middle.
  • If all clearances have a green light, you have already completed your volunteer clearances ! You can email csss@dickinson.edu by clicking the “Request My Clearances” button to receive copies of your clearances or have them sent to a specific organization.

Please note: If you have completed the required clearances for another organization, please bring them to the Center for Service, Spirituality, and Social Justice in Landis House on the corner of College St. and Pomfret St. Your Gateway will be updated accordingly!

Still have Questions? Not sure where to volunteer? Contact the Center for Service, Spirituality and Social Justice at csss@dickinson.edu 

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