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Waidner-Spahr Library Mission Statement

A bird's eye view of the circulation desk in the campus library.The Waidner-Spahr Library supports Dickinson College in its mission to prepare students, by means of a useful education in liberal arts and sciences, for engaged lives of citizenship and leadership in the service of society. Our commitment is to support the diverse Dickinson College community in teaching, learning, scholarship, and service activities by facilitating equitable access to information; by maintaining a physical and digital library environment that enhances research, study and community; and by teaching critical approaches to information necessary for academic success, professional accomplishment, and lifelong learning.

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Our Building

photo of Boyd Lee Spahr

Boyd Lee Spahr

Detail of portrait of Robert Waidner

Robert A. Waidner

The Waidner-Spahr Library is named for Boyd Lee Spahr, class of 1900, and Robert A. Waidner, class of 1932. Besides being alumni of Dickinson College, both men served on the Board of Trustees, combining for more than 110 years of service altogether. The Spahr Library opened in 1967, and the Waidner addition was completed in 1998.

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